Which is the best share market in Nepal?

Which is the best share market in Nepal?

Top Company In Nepal

S.N. Symbol As Of:
1 NTC 2022-06-15
2 NABIL 2022-06-15
3 NRIC 2022-06-15
4 NICA 2022-06-15

How can I buy shares in Nepal?

Basic Steps for buying and selling shares in Nepal.

  1. Open Demat account. Almost all the banking (through their securities company) and some broker provide Demat opening service.
  2. Obtain online login credentials from your DP holder as discussed in step 1.
  3. For information related IPO availability.

Which company has highest per share price in Nepal?

1. Unilever Nepal Limited: Rs. 18,750.20.

What is the highest NEPSE index in Nepal?


# Date (AD) Absolute Change
1 2022/06/17 -7.56
2 2022/06/16 12.57
3 2022/06/15 -29.89
4 2022/06/14 -36.07

Which is the cheapest share in Nepal?

National Hydro Power Company Limited (NHPC) with their stock price Rs. 115/- is the lowest price stock, among 207 stocks listed in the NEPSE.

Which IPO is best in Nepal?

Upcoming Initial Public Offerings (IPO) In Nepal

S.N. Company Share Quantity
1 Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha 203,380
2 Adarsha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd 60,000
3 Asian Hydropower Ltd 1,180,000
4 Aviyan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. 975,000

Can I buy 1 share of stock in Nepal?

If you are willing to buy shares, you should not buy an odd lot i.e. the purchased quantity must be above 10 units. You can know the market price of any share from the official website of Nepal Stock exchange or from Market Price of Shares.

Which share is best in Nepal 2021?

Best Blue Chip Shares To Buy In Nepal

  • Banks/ Development Banks. Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL)
  • Life Insurance. Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC)
  • Non-Life Insurance. Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL)
  • Microfinance. Chhimek Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CBBL)
  • Hydropower.
  • Others.
  • Honorable Mentions.

Which company is best to buy share?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India

Name LTP High
Axis Bank 635.20 641
B P C L 301.00 312
Bajaj Auto 3,628.95 3,714
Bajaj Finance 5,419.55 5,475

How many stocks are listed in NEPSE?

NEPSE opened its trading floor on 13 January 1994. As of May 2022, the number of listed companies is 197, which includes Commercial Banks, Hydro Power Companies, Insurance Companies and Finance Companies among others. The Exchange has 97 registered brokers as of April 2021.

What is the lowest NEPSE index in Nepal?

Nepse Index Statistics (Source: Nepal Stock Exchange and other Media)

S.N Year Low Index(Month
1 2012 315.95
2 2012 311.76
3 2012 298.89
4 2012 299.34

Who is big bull in Nepal?

Roshan Shah – Owner – Big Bull Infotech PVT.

How can I buy IPO shares in Nepal?

Go to the Mero Share web portal of CDSC, select your DP, and log in with your login ID, password. Then you can fill up for the respective IPO, your share number plus amount. Done, This is the way you can fill the share online for all the IPO / FPO, right/ bonus shares.

Which share is open in Nepal?

Which bank has lowest share price?

41 Bank Shares : List of Private Banking Shares and Public Banking Shares with Prices

Security Name Bank Type 52 Week Low
ALBK Public Sector Bank 43.35
ANDHRABANK Public Sector Bank 32.55
AUBANK Private Sector Bank 496.4
AXISBANK Private Sector Bank 447.8

Which share is lowest price?

low price shares

S.No. Name B.V. Rs.
1. Elixir Capital 64.17
2. Indian Metals 317.93
3. Deepak Spinners 273.99
4. Manaksia 162.08

How many broker are in Nepal?

The Exchange has 97 registered brokers as of April 2021.

Which bank is not listed in NEPSE?

All the commercial banks are not listed and traded in NEPSE. As per the rule, Commercial banks are required to float specific percentage of shares to the general public and after completion of allotment and certification, are allowed to register at NEPSE and trade the stocks.

Which company IPO is coming in Nepal?

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2022

Name Of The Company Issue Size In NPR. Crores(Tentative) IPO Date (Tentative)
CYC Nepal Laghubitta Limited 3.9 Cr 16 April 2022
Balephi Hydropower 18 Cr 30 March 2022
Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Co. Ltd 2.0 Cr 2022
Molung Hydropower 3.5 Cr 2022

What is FPO share in Nepali?

The Nepali share market is going through a unique phase. The majority of companies listed in NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange) are preparing for Follow-on (or Further) Public Offerings (FPO).

How many IPO can I buy in Nepal?

According to the prevailing rule, one person can open up to two Demat accounts. But CDSC strongly recommends using only one Demat for single scrip i.e. for one IPO use only one Demat. Applying from multiple Demat accounts by a single person will lead you to rejection.

Which share is best to buy now?

Which bank share is the best?

List of Best Banking Stocks to Buy now in India

Sr. No. Company Name BSE Scrip Code
1 HDFC Bank Ltd. 500180
2 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 500247
3 ICICI Bank Ltd. 532174
4 Axis Bank Ltd. 532215