Who can join COSATU?

Who can join COSATU?

Must be 18 to 59 years of age.

What type of workers does COSATU represent?

COSATU was launched in December 1985 after four years of unity talks between unions opposed to apartheid and committed to a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa. At our launch we represented less than half a million workers organised in 33 unions.

How do I contact COSATU?

HQ contacts

  1. COSATU HOUSE Head office.
  2. Tel: 011 339 4911 Fax: 011 339 5080.
  3. Email: [email protected].
  4. Site:

What did COSATU do?

COSATU adopted the Freedom Charter as its guiding document. It participated in a number of campaigns. One of its most important campaigns was the Living Wage Campaign where millions of workers went on strike to demand wage increases and a decent life.

Why is COSATU important in South Africa?

Numerous stay-aways and strikes to protest against the state of emergency, elections and national days of commemoration among others, were launched by Cosatu in cooperation with the UDF. Cosatu also supports the sanctions and disinvestment campaign against South Africa. Two important campaigns were initiated by Cosatu.

Who founded COSATU?

Federation of South African Trade Unions
SA Allied Workers’ Union
Congress of South African Trade Unions/Founders

How many members does COSATU have?

Cosatu has a strong national and regional structure, and, with more than 1 million members, is the largest and strongest trade union federation in South Africa. Its president is John Gomomo, and Jay Naidoo is the general secretary.

What is the history of COSATU?

What does COSATU do for South Africa?

Which union is the best to join?

Top 10 Labor Unions

  • American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees.
  • International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers.
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Transport Workers Union of America.
  • UAW International.
  • United Farm Workers.

What is the meaning of nehawu?

National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (NEHAWU)

What is the role of COSATU in South Africa?

COSATU is a key partner in the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), a registered charity and political force working to educate and promote understanding about HIV/AIDS, and to prevent new infections, as well as push for greater access to antiretrovirals.

What type of union is COSATU?

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) was launched on 1st December 1985 in Durban. COSATU1s formation followed four years of unity talks between representatives of almost all the anti-apartheid trade unions then operating in South Africa.

What is the highest paid union job?

The median annual salaries for the top-paying union jobs are as follows:

  • Nuclear power reactor operators: $91,370.
  • Elevator installers: $76,860.
  • Electrical and electronics repairers: $74,540.
  • Power plant operators: $73,800.
  • Transportation inspectors: $72,659.