Who is the No 1 IAS officer in India?

Who is the No 1 IAS officer in India?

1. Dr Rajendra Bharud, IAS.

Who is best IPS officer?

10 Best IPS Officer In India in the Last 50 Years

  • Vinod Kumar Chaubey. While serving in Chhattisgarh, Vinod Kumar Chaubey led his team to attack the Naxals.
  • Mohan Chandh Sharma. M. C.
  • Hemant Karkare.
  • Ashok Kamte.
  • Vijay Salaskar.
  • Ajit Kumar Doval.
  • Shivdeep Waman Lanbe.

Who is Rajendra Bharud IAS?

Dr Rajendra Bharud is from Samode village, Sakri taluka in Maharashtra. After completing his MBBS, Dr Rajendra surprised everyone when he returned to his village and the reason will amaze you. He was not only a doctor but an IAS officer when he came back home.

Can Married Girl apply for IAS?

In fact, many women are joining IAS/IPS not only after their marriage but even after having children. The only restriction is age. If your age is within the limit prescribed by the UPSC, you can write CSE, whether you are male or female.

Which car is for IAS?

Upon designation on the scale of the Chief Secretary, one gets a red light carriage. The government also pays for the fuel maintenance and repair of IAS cars. Usually, they are assigned cars like Mahindra Bolero, Toyota Innova, or Maruti Suzuki SX4.

Why Sachin Atulkar is famous?

Sachin Atulkar has played cricket at the national level in 1999 and won the gold medal in 2010. Sachin Atulkar achieved this medal in the National Competition of horse riding. Friends, you can learn from his inspirational story that nothing is impossible if your intentions are firm.

Can a doctor become IAS?

Yes dear. If you want to join IAS officer then you can be a doctor or engineer or anything, but you can give the UPSC examination and become a IAS officer. It’s actually very good choice. This type of candidates are present actually.

Has any doctor became an IAS officer?

Shena Aggarwal, the topper of the 2011 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), is a popular doctor-turned-IAS officer. Before bagging AIR-1 in CSE-2011, she had completed her MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi in 2009 and also secured AIR-305 in CSE-2010.

Why is Lady IAS called sir?

Sir and Madam should be banned in India. It was british who brought this custom in India. Indians used to call them sir.

Do IAS get house?

Here is a list of facilities of an IAS officer: Residence: IAS officers generally get huge houses as residences on very low or no rent. They also can avail of the services of maids, cooks, gardeners, security guards, etc. Transport: They are allotted one or more vehicles with chauffeurs for official purposes.

Who is Sachin Atulkar wife?

About Sachin Atulkar wife Sachin Atulkar is not married yet.

Is Sachin Atulkar Brahmin?

Sachin Atulkar is IPS Officer. Sachin Atulkar was born on Thursday, August 08, 1985 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India….Caste, Religion, Community, Mother Tongue, Languages Known.

Religion Hinduism
Sachin Atulkar’s Caste Father – Caste Not Sure Yet.
Mother – Same As Fathers

Is UPSC tougher than NEET?

In NEET you only have to study three papers – physics, chemistry, biology to crack it.” Bibhuti Jha said, UPSC is tougher than NEET, this is because in NEET you have a limited syllabus but in UPSC there is no limitation. Moreover, the questions can come from any field.

Which is tougher NEET or UPSC?

After analysing the level of questions that appears in various exams, UPSC is undoubtedly the toughest one. However, NEET is one of the toughest national level exams in India as well.

Who is youngest IAS in India?

Ansar Shaikh
Ansar Shaikh The Youngest IAS Officer Of India At The Age Of 21 years.

What does Tanu Jain husband do?

Tanu Jain’s spouse, an IAS officer. The officer likes to keep her personal life as secret as possible. Furthermore, her husband is thought to be a social worker.