What is the meaning of Suavemente?

What is the meaning of Suavemente?

And, of course, in Spanish, suavemente is widely and variously used as an adverb for “softly,” “gently,” or “smoothly.”

Is the song Suavemente or salsa?

Genre Merengue
Length 41:38
Language Spanish
Label Sony Music Latin

Is Suavemente a Mexican song?

PSA: Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” is not Mexican. It is a merengue song sung by a Puerto Rican.

How do you pronounce Suavemente?


  1. swah. – beh. – mehn. – teh.
  2. swa. – βe. – men. – te.
  3. sua. – ve. – men. – te.

Who wrote Suavemente?

Elvis CrespoSuavemente / Composer

Is Elvis Crespo salsa or merengue?

Artist Biography. With his mastery of the merengue tradition and an idiosyncratic yet wildly accessible take on bachata, salsa, and other tropical sounds, New York-born, Puerto Rican-raised Elvis Crespo is a charting, multiple award-winning vocalist and performer.

What genre is Suavemente?

Musica tropicale

Is Marc Anthony Vivir Mi Vida Salsa?

It was released on July 23, 2013. It is his first original salsa album in over a decade. “Vivir Mi Vida,” a Spanish cover of the Khaled song C’est la vie, was released as the first single on April 15, 2013….3.0 (Marc Anthony album)

Released July 23, 2013
Recorded 2011–13
Genre Salsa, tropical
Length 41:26

What genre is suavemente?

What is the difference between merengue and salsa?

Salsa is danced with hip movements and rhythmic footwork which make it lively and engaging to watch. Merengue dancers typically dance at a slower pace with the feet placed almost parallel together. The merengue steps are made up of two bars of music, with each taking 8 counts.

What is suave in French?

adjective. sweet [adjective] (of smells) pleasant or fragrant.

What genre is Tu Sonrisa?

Merengue music
Musica tropicaleSalsa y TropicalBachata
Tu Sonrisa/Genres

What genre is vivir mi vida?

BachataMusica tropicale
Vivir Mi Vida/Genres

Who is Chase Muniz mother?

Debbie RosadoChase Muñiz / Mother

Did Mark Antony betray Caesar?

Whatever conflicts existed between himself and Caesar, Antony remained faithful to Caesar, ensuring their estrangement did not last long. Antony reunited with Caesar at Narbo in 45 BC with full reconciliation coming in 44 BC when Antony was elected consul alongside Caesar.

What is the most sensual Latin dance?

Rumba. Often referred to as the grandfather of Latin dance, the easy-to-learn Rumba is the most sensual of the Latin dances. You’ll work up a sexy sweat with the Latin styling and relaxed hip motions of this popular and fun dance.

How is merengue different from bachata?

Bachata and Merengue differ in music, step patterns, popularity, and step positions. Bachata is done in a vertical or horizontal line; whereas, Merengue is more linear with lots of hip motions. Bachata is more intimate and offers more options than Merengue does.

Is Suave a slang word?

Although it’s an old fashioned compliment, suave has morphed into something meaning a little bit cheesy.

Is Sauve a word?

No, sauve is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Can a woman be suave?

“Suave” is definitely male-coded.

What does suave mean in Latin?

sweet, pleasant
From Middle English suave, borrowed from Latin suāvis (“sweet, pleasant”); doublet of sweet.

Is Sonrisa a merengue or salsa?

“Tu Sonrisa” (English: Your Smile) is a song recorded and composed by the American merengue music artist Elvis Crespo. It was released as the second single from his solo first album Suavemente (1998).

What genre is Enrique Iglesias?

Electronic dance music
Enrique Iglesias/Genres