Where is the Fiskars X27 made?

Where is the Fiskars X27 made?

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎38 x 9 x 2.5 inches
Country of Origin ‎Finland
Warranty Description ‎Lifetime Manufacturer Limited
Model Name ‎X27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch
Color ‎Black

What is the difference between Fiskars X27 and super splitter?

The X27 vs Black 36” Super Splitter Yes, there is another 36” Fiskars splitting axe, and yes it’s basically the same. The black 36” super splitter is identical to the X27 in length, weight, head, and capability. The only difference is the thin orange rubber over-mold grip on the X27.

Are Fiskars worth it?

For general purpose wood splitting for firewood, a Fiskars axe is extremely reliable and surprisingly capable at a very affordable price. The lightweight plastic handle makes it easy to swing and the enclosed axe head design ensures the head never comes loose.

How much does a Fiskars X27 weigh?

6.3 lbs.
Fiskars X27 6.3 lbs. 36 in.

What’s better for splitting wood axe or maul?

For smaller pieces of wood, or splitting around the wood’s edges, a splitting axe is the better choice. It’s lighter, easier to swing and performs similarly to a splitting maul. The wood-cutting pros at Husqvarna recommend you have both, as together they form an excellent one-two punch for your wood splitting needs.

What is the difference between a chopping and splitting AXE?

Splitting axes usually have a wider. Thicker head for separation of the wood. Chopping axes are usually more traditional and thinner near the cutting surface fir deep penetration and cross cutting into the wood. Thinner near the handle than a splitting ax.

What’s the difference between a splitting AXE and a maul?

Head Design The splitting axe offers a tapered head with a sharper blade which makes it able to split and cut wood. Splitting mauls have a fatter and blunter head with a wider wedge which makes it extremely effective when splitting large wood.

What type of steel does Fiskars use?

drop-forged carbon steel
Fiskars protects its steel types as trade secrets, but it’s known to be a flavor of drop-forged carbon steel. The handle encloses the head, preventing you from changing out the blade.

Do Fiskars axe handles break?

Virtually Unbreakable With stronger-than-steel FiberComp® handles and inseparable insert-molded heads, our axes don’t just outlast others — they’re virtually impossible to break.

Do split wedges work?

If you’re looking to split logs or big rounds of wood, splitting wedges are just as important as a good axe or maul. They make the splitting process easier and safer, and allow you to do more with what you have – namely, your own physical strength and your main splitting tool (an axe, maul, or even sledgehammer).

Should a wood splitting axe be sharp?

A splitting axe should be sharp enough to avoid a bounce when it strikes harder wood pieces. It doesn’t have to be razor-sharp because it splits wood along the grain. However, some woodworkers prefer very sharp splitting axes. The key is to keep the axe sharp enough to ensure efficiency.

How long after cutting a tree can you split it?

Leaving wood exposed to the outdoor air will typically dry it out within six to 12 months, assuming it’s properly stacked and covered. Splitting wood, however, can speed up this process so that wood dries more quickly. Again, this is because splitting lowers the surface area of bark.

Is a heavier axe better for splitting wood?

Can you cut down a tree with a splitting maul?

But a 6-pound splitting maul can be just as handy to gently drive the wedge into the tree and keep it from pinching your saw. One can also, in certain circumstances and with a longer wedge, slightly force a tree in the direction it may not want to fall.

Are Husky axes any good?

This is a great little hatchet that is cool looking and solid. They call it an axe but it is really a hatchet because of its size but a really good one. It comes with an already keen edge so no need to sharpen it before use.

Is a maul better than an axe?

When working with large pieces of wood, a maul would be better than an axe. This is due to the fact that you will be able to split quicker, but you have to consider that you will tire faster because of the weight of the splitting maul.

Is Fiskars Finnish?

Many of the popular Fiskars products are designed, manufactured and tested in Finland. Largely thanks to Finnish craftsmanship, Fiskars has come a long way since it was founded as an ironworks in 1649; today, it is one of the oldest companies in the Western world.

What is the strongest axe handle?

Oak is another popular choice for making axe handles. Many species of oak are found all over the nation. Thus, the wood is affordable for anyone. White oak will be the strongest and most durable pick for your axe among all the species.

Where are Fiskars axes made?

Product development and craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is at the heart of Fiskars; each Fiskars product made in Finland is also tested in Finland.

Should a splitting ax be sharp?

Why are new axes not sharp?

All woodworking tools, including axes, should be sharp enough to shave with for effortless, efficient and enjoyable work. Most new axes require from an hour to a half a day of hand sharpening to put them into proper shape. A dull axe is less efficient and more tiring to use.

What are the specs of a Fiskars X27?

Fiskars X27 Specs. Total weight: 6.28 lbs. Hardened Forged Steel Blade: 4lbs. Non-Stick coated blade. 36” Fibrecomp handle: Extremely strong and shock absorbent. Perma-head: over-molded head integrated into the handle. Lanyard hole. Blade cover: with handle and hi-vis clip lock.

What is an X27 hatchet?

Like every X-Series™ Hatchet or Axe, the X27 combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design to maximize your performance. This combination of features allows the blade to disperse wood more effectively, offering more one-strike splits with each swing.

What is the secret of the axe X27?

This is the obvious secret of the X27’s might. The lightness of the 36 inch handle enables the axe to deliver enormous (almost frightening) power strokes. A wooden-handled axe this long would add too much weight and feel cumbersome.

Why split wood with the X27?

Since you can split wood more easily with the X27, each job requires less time, less effort and less hand strain. Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat Shock-absorbing FiberComp® handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike damage