What is M plus pass Celcom?

What is M plus pass Celcom?

According to Celcom’s FAQ, the M Pass allows you to enjoy unlimited video streaming in HD, while the M Plus lets you enjoy Full HD video quality. Meanwhile, the highest L Plus option is capable of offering video streaming in Ultra HD quality.

What is the best Celcom postpaid plan?


VOICE CALL Unlimited calls to all networks
SMS RM0.20 per SMS to all networks
SUPPLEMENTARY LINES Maximum of 3 family lines

What is the speed of Celcom ultra hour pass?

Also introduced is Celcom Xpax’s Ultra Hour Pass, which allows users to boost their internet and remove the 3Mbps speed limit at US$0.24 (RM1) per hour. Users can do so by simply logging onto their Celcom Life App and selecting “Buy More”, followed by their selection of any Hourly Unlimited Internet deals.

What is unlimited M pass?

With the latest upgrade, Unlimited M Pass users will get double the speed from 5Mbps to 10Mbps while the hotspot quota is doubled from 5GB to 10GB. Meanwhile, the The Unlimited L pass gets a slight speed bump from 15Mbps to 20Mbps which Celcom reckons is good for unlimited Ultra HD video streaming.

What is ultra pass Celcom?

Celcom introduces new Ultra Hour Pass for unlimited streaming from RM 1. May 10, 2019. Today, Celcom Axiata Berhad is excited to launch a new RM 1 Unlimited Internet from Xpax’s new Ultra Hour Pass. This can be done by simply login into the Celcom Life app anytime and anywhere at the “Buy More” section.

Which is better Maxis or Celcom?

Despite its poor showing for download, video, gaming and voice app experience, Celcom still leads when it comes to mobile coverage. In terms of 4G coverage experience, Celcom has the most points at 8.9, followed by Digi at 8.2 and Maxis at 8.1.

Is DiGi better than Celcom?

Celcom holds on to 4G Coverage Experience Celcom once again wins our 4G Coverage Experience award, this time with a score of 8.9 points, while DiGi and Maxis are close behind at 8.2 points and 8.1 points, respectively.

Why is Celcom 4G so slow?

If your Internet seems ‘slow’ or lagging, one of the things you can do to improve performance is to switch the flight mode on and off or restart your device to refresh your network connectivity. Learn how to clear cache or delete temporary files on your device to improve the loading time and your browsing experience.

Is Celcom unlimited data really unlimited?

As mentioned in their FAQ, weekly unlimited users are now capped at 20GB/week while monthly unlimited users are capped at 60GB/month. Once you’ve hit your quota, your mobile data speed will be throttled to 512kbps. This is similar to Hotlink and it is 8x the typical free basic internet speed of 64kbps.

What is XL pass Celcom?

Under the Lightning Mobile Internet Speed plans, you have three options: Mega M (RM18), Mega L (RM68), and Mega XL (RM108). You get the fastest speeds available, while the Mega M, L, and XL offer you 10GB, 30GB, and 70GB respectively—in addition to 30GB each.

Is Celcom mega unlimited really unlimited?

Users are allowed to switch between unlimited speed and unlimited data but only every two billing cycles. All subscribers also get unlimited calls to all networks but will be charged 20sen per SMS. The Mega 98 plan and above can also be bundled with smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

Can I use ultra hour pass as hotspot?

According to Celcom, tethering / hotspot will be disabled for any Ultra Hour Pass. The Internet usage is only unlimited for smartphones.

Is DiGi or Celcom better?

In terms of 4G coverage experience, Celcom has the most points at 8.9, followed by Digi at 8.2 and Maxis at 8.1. Interestingly, Unifi is crowned the winner for 4G availability with its users connected to 4G at 89.6 per cent of the time, followed closely with Celcom at 89.4 per cent.

Which telco is best in Malaysia 2021?

Celcom awarded Malaysia’s best telco for mobile coverage in 2021 by Ookla Speedtest. Celcom has announced that it has been recognised by Ookla Speedtest Awards for having the Best Mobile Coverage in Malaysia for 2021. The award ceremony was held at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona last week.

Which line is better in Malaysia?

Celcom once again wins our 4G Coverage Experience award, this time with a score of 8.9 points, while DiGi and Maxis are close behind at 8.2 points and 8.1 points, respectively.

Does Celcom have 5G?

In conclusion, Celcom offers some of the best 5G-ready mobile devices including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Vivo V20 Pro and OnePlus Nord under a range of postpaid plans with the widest cellular coverage in Malaysia.

How can I make my Celcom internet faster?

Does Celcom unlimited data have limit?

To ensure fair access to all, Celcom has updated its FUP with a 60GB data limit for its Xpax prepaid unlimited pass. The new policy is applicable to new unlimited prepaid users that sign up starting 7th October 2021. According to Celcom, a user that uses more than 30GB of data in a month is considered heavy usage.

How can I get Celcom unlimited data?

With Celcom MEGA™ postpaid plan, you will get 40GB of high-speed internet, unlimited calls, and a low, cost per SMS of only RM0. 20. These benefits can be yours for only RM80 per month! Heavier data users can enjoy truly unlimited internet access by bumping up to the UNLIMTED L pass.

What is the difference between lightning and unlimited?

The main difference between both of these is that Unlimited Internet Pass gives you endless data for entertainment, while Lightning Pass gives you high-speed Internet plus cool features like free roaming and e-wallet cashback for unused data.

What is the difference between Celcom Mega Unlimited and mega lightning?

How fast is Celcom Mega Unlimited?

In terms of speed, Celcom Mega Unlimited 98 has a speed cap of 10Mbps while Unlimited 128 has a speed cap of 15Mbps. Mega Unlimited 158 speed cap is at 20Mbps while the highest 188 option is capped at 30Mbps.