What is get go slang for?

What is get go slang for?

: the very beginning —used in the phrase from the get-go didn’t like me from the get-go.

Why do Americans say get go?

From the get-go means from the outset, from the beginning. From the get-go is an American phrase which comes from the African-American slang, git-go. From the get-go is assumed to have been derived from either the phrase from the word go or the phrase get going.

Why is it called get go?

This is from a very commonly used expression from childhood in Canada during the 1950s & probably into the 1960s. It derived from “Get ready, get set, go!”, and was used for a race of any kind. It was frequently used by teachers in classrooms for any sort of competition as well.

Is Getgo formal?

noun Informal. the very beginning: They’ve had trouble from the get-go.

How do you use get go in a sentence?

: from the very beginning She didn’t like me from the get-go. They were involved in the project from the get-go.

Where did from the get go originate?

Answer: “From the git-go,” (or “get-go,” as it’s slightly more commonly spelled), meaning “from the very beginning,” appears to have originated in the vernacular of American Black English.

Where did from the get-go originate?

How do you use get-go in a sentence?

How do you use GetGo in a sentence?

Where did from the GetGo originate?

Is it get go or gecko?

“Right from the get-go.” Blame Geico for this one. Right from the get-go means without delay or at the start. Correct term: “Right from the get-go.”

What is another word for get go?

Find another word for get-go. In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for get-go, like: beginning, commencement, outset, start, kickoff, starting time, showtime, offset, back-away, detract-attention and HeartUK.org.uk.

How do you spell Getgo?

Get-go definition The get go is defined as the beginning. An example of get go is when a project kicks off and everyone begins to work on it. Alternative spelling of get-go.

Can you say go get?

Particularly in American English, go get means ‘go and get’. Yeah, I know, it’s redundant, but then so is much else in the language. You also get stacked motion verbs like run get and come get. Barrie, you’re right.

Is it get-go or gecko?

When to use get and go?

Get or go?

  1. Get and go have similar meanings, when talking about travel or motion. When we use get, we emphasise arrival:
  2. We use get on and get off not go on and go off for buses, trains, planes:
  3. Get and go are both used to mean ‘become’, but they combine with different adjectives.

Is go get correct grammar?

Generally though such usage is a matter of style and to “go get” is generally a US English usage.

What is the definition of get go?

from the get-go: from the beginning. The project was doomed from the get-go .

What does get over or get Gone mean?

or get out of the area quickly. when trouble starts to smell. 1. Lets get gone before the cops come . 2. Time to get gone. by whiggitywhack. July 05, 2006 Get a get gone mug for your brother-in-law Manafort. to get so faded that you trip out.

What does the phrase “from the get go” mean?

The English phrase “from the get-go” means from the start, or from the very beginning. This sort of slang can be used in many different kinds of situations, but has a nearly identical meaning in each use. English speakers use it in various ways to colorfully describe something that’s been true from the beginning of a certain event.

What is get go?

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