What is Dbspace in Informix?

What is Dbspace in Informix?

The ccm dbspace is used to store data for Rational Synergy databases. Initially, this dbspace uses a single chunk file. You specify the ccm path and size when you create the Informix database server. The default space suggested for the root , temp , and log dbspaces is about 1 MB per user.

How do I check my Dbspace in Informix?

Informix: How do I determine if Informix’s dbspaces have space available? The ‘onstat -d’ command provides the information necessary to see the total size of a dbspace, the size of each page, how much space is free and how much is used.

How do I increase Dbspace in Informix?

Informix® allocates space for its databases. You can increase the allocated dbspace capacity by using the ccmsrv expand command. This command expands the dbspace of an Informix server by adding a chunk file. This method is useful when you want to increase the size for a server that is running out of room in a dbspace.

What is the latest version of Informix?

IBM Informix

Developer(s) IBM
Stable release 14.10.FC5 / November 17, 2020
License Commercial proprietary software
Website www.ibm.com/products

What is a Dbspace?

A dbspace is a logical unit that can contain between 1 and 32,766 chunks. The database server uses the dbspace to store databases and tables. Place databases, tables, logical-log files, and the physical log in dbspaces. When you create a standard or temporary dbspace, you can specify the page size for the dbspace.

Is Informix still supported?

70 End of Support (EOS) Informix 11.70 database versions will be out of support as of September 30, 2020. For Informix users, this means IBM/HCL is discontinuing security updates, patches, and other services (even if you have an existing maintenance contract).

How do I check my Dbspace in Sybase IQ?

The command below will basically tells you on the detailed information about each IQ dbspace. Name of the dbspace as specified in the CREATE DBSPACE statement. Dbspace names are case-insensitive for databases created with CASE RESPECT. Type of the dbspace (MAIN or TEMPORARY only).

Who bought Informix?

IBM today announced a deal to acquire Informix Corp.’s database business for $1 billion in cash, ending eight months of speculation about the fate of the troubled Informix operations and potentially strengthening IBM in its head-to-head competition with rival Oracle Corp.

What kind of database is Informix?

IBM® Informix® is a fast and scalable database server that manages traditional relational, object-relational, and dimensional databases. Its small footprint and self-managing capabilities are suited to embedded data-management solutions.

What is HCL Informix?

For developers and database administrators across industry segments, HCL Informix is a modern, multi-model data-management solution, that is deeply embeddable, and is equipped for operational, in-memory and data warehousing analytics.

What is Dbspace in Sybase IQ?

In Sybase IQ 15.1, a dbspace is a tablespace that consists of one or more operating system files. The meaning of the term varies according to the product version you are using. Sybase IQ 12.7 implemented one-to-one mapping between a dbspace and a database file.

What is Dbspace?

Is Informix open source?

IBM Informix supports database access for client applications that are written in the Ruby programming language with two open source packages.

How do I check my DB space in Sybase?

By running sp_spaceused regularly, you can monitor the amount of available database space. For example, if the reserved value is close to the database_size value, it indicates that you are running out of space for new objects.

What is Dbspace in Sybase?

How do I list all databases in Sybase?

USE myDatabase; GO SELECT * FROM sys. objects WHERE type = ‘U’;

How can I check database name in Sybase?


  1. db_name, a system function, returns the database name.
  2. If no database_id is supplied, db_name returns the name of the current database.
  3. For general information about system functions, see “System functions”.

How do I view databases in Sybase?

Open an SQL prompt in one of the following two ways:

  1. Open the Interactive SQL utility of Sybase and select the database name from the drop-down list of databases.
  2. In the command prompt, type isql –S –U -P and in this prompt, give the command use followed by a go command.

What is Isql command?

isql is a command line tool which allows the user to execute SQL in batch or interactively. It has some interesting options such as an option to generate output wrapped in an HTML table. iusql is the same tool with built-in Unicode support.

How do I know if Sybase server is running?

Checking server status

  1. Open the multiplex folder.
  2. Select the Servers tab to view server status. The Servers tab lists details shown in Table 2-3.
  3. Status displays are not instantaneous and depend on network latency. To refresh the status display, select View > Refresh Folder from the main menu bar.

How do I log into Sybase?

Use the Connect to Sybase dialog box to connect to the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) instance that you want to migrate. To access this dialog box, on the File menu, select Connect to Sybase. If you have previously connected, the command is Reconnect to Sybase.

What is Sybase DB?

Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells database management system (DBMS) and middleware products. The company was founded in 1984, and the headquarters offices are in Emeryville, CA. Sybase was the first enterprise DBMS for the Linux operating system.

How does Informix use temporary DBSpaces?

How does Informix use temporary dbspaces according to database logging mode, SQL statement WITH NO LOG, temp dbspace parameters settings, etc.? IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) uses two types of temporary objects to store temporary data:temporary files and temporary tables.

Where does Informix store its data?

The Informix portion, which holds metadata such as the owner and status of objects, is stored in dbspaces on the Informix database server. Informix servers use the rootdbs dbspace to store system data, physical logs, initial logical logs, and temporary data. It requires a chunk file, ROOTPATH, to store its data.

How to utlize the dbspacetemp feature?

To utlize the DBSPACETEMP feature it is necessary to append the SQL phase WITH NO LOG to either the SELECT…INTO TEMP, or the CREATE TEMP TABLE statements. 1. If we have created a dbspace named tmpdbs,but we could not see it was marked as ‘T’ in the result of onstat -d.

What is the size of the tempdbs dbspace?

The size is 1 MB per user. You can override the calculated size by specifying a size larger than the default when prompted by the server creation program. The tempdbs dbspace is used to store temporary tables and sort files.