What is a Strider race?

What is a Strider race?

Strider Races are local races hosted by Strider enthusiasts at the grass stain grassroots level. These community-driven races give toddlers and young kids (ages 18 months to 6-years-old) the opportunity to explore the world on two wheels and participate in friendly, competitive riding.

Are Striders worth it?

Strider bikes are great starter balance bikes. Lightweight with ideal geometry, they are easy to ride and are maintenance free. For under $100 the Strider 12 Classic balance bike is a great pick for toddlers ages 18-months and up.

What age do kids use Striders?

The Strider™ balance bike is built mainly for children ages 1 to 5 up to 50 lbs. 2. Can the seat height be adjusted? The seat can be adjusted from 11 inches to 16 inches to accommodate the needs of your growing child.

What is a BMX Strider?

Strider bikes serve the youngest members of the BMX families! Allowing 2-5 year olds to participate at the track versus watching the older siblings! Strider bikes are designed specifically to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordinator BEFORE pedaling.

What is a balance bike race?

Each Balance bike race is 3 rounds and all 3 rounds run before the first round of the BMX races. Balance bike races do not use the starting hill or the starting gate. Races will cover the middle section of our track (2 straight aways and 2 turns).

Are Strider Knives good?

Strider is best known for their folding knives, and their offerings are hallmarked by their distinct shape, titanium frame locks, and integral G10 backspacer and scale. These are polarizing knives for many reasons, but Strider has built up a reputation for hard use, as well as an extremely loyal following.

What is the difference between Strider classic and sport?

Parents often ask us what the difference is between the Strider Pro, Sport and Classic models are. The short answer is the weight. The shape and size is otherwise identical.

Do Strider bikes have training wheels?

Strider balance bikes don’t have training wheels, and they don’t have pedals. The rider straddles the bike with their feet on the ground, sits down on the seat, then pushes off with both feet.

Can you put training wheels on Strider?

Training Wheels Don’t Work. Balance Bikes Teach Kids How To Ride. “The essence of riding is balancing on two wheels and leaning through turns.

What is a no pedal balance bike?

A balance bicycle, run bike or no pedal bike or dandy horse is a training bicycle that helps children learn balance and steering. It has no foot pedals, no drivetrain, no chain, no gears, no gear shifters, no derailleurs, and no freewheel.

Is Strider Knives still in business?

In an early morning social media post, Mick Strider just announced that Strider Knives will be closing its doors.

Do Strider Knives come in boxes?

They come in a plastic baggie. No paperwork.

Is 4 too old for balance bike?

A balance bike is a great way to teach kids who are 4 to 6 years old to learn to ride a bike. Whether your child has yet to learn how to ride a bike or struggles with the confidence to remove the training wheels, balance bikes can help.

Can you put training wheels on a Strider?

Are Strider bikes made in USA?

A lot of great companies started in someone’s garage: Amazon, Apple and Google to name a few.

Can you put pedals on Strider bikes?

Designed specifically for individuals with cognitive, developmental, or physical disabilities, these two models do not have a pedal option and are made to be balance bikes only.

What is the point of a Strider bike?

The lightweight 12” Strider teaches riding basics to the littlest riders to develop balance, coordination, steering, riding skills and, most importantly- their confidence. Transitioning to a pedal bike before they are ready for that extra weight and size is detrimental for a child’s overall riding success.

Can you put hand brakes on a Strider bike?

While Strider 14x bikes in Europe have handbrakes, they do not have handbrakes in the US. For beginning riders, the Strider 14x’s coaster brake or back pedal brake will be problematic.

Is 3 too old for a balance bike?

Balance bikes are available to fit kids of all sizes – from 18-months to adults. Balance bikes are NOT one-size-fits-all and are available in 5 different tire sizes. For older kids, usually about age 5 and up, you can remove the pedals from a pedal bike and have them use it as a balance bike.

Is 5 too old for a balance bike?

Who makes Strider Knives now?

BLAM! The last “Strider Knives” will be sold at Blade Show 2017, at the end of which we will strike the Strider Knives colors. I will continue to produce select items on a limited basis thru MSC as my “Classic Line”.

Who is Duane Dwyer?

Duane Dwyer In 1992 my partner Mick Strider and I founded Strider Knives, which has grown far further and faster than we had ever imagined. Midway through the 2000’s-era each of us had decided to grow in different ways in order to expand on what we’ve learned and develop a more personalized line of custom products.

What is a banana bike?

A wheelie bike, also called a dragster, muscle bike, high-riser, spyder bike or banana bike, is a type of stylized children’s bicycle designed in the 1960s to resemble a chopper motorcycle and characterized by ape hanger handlebars, a banana seat with sissy bar, and small (16-to-20-inch (410 to 510 mm)) wheels.

Should a 5 year old use a balance bike?

Who invented Strider bike?

Ryan McFarland
Strider Bikes was founded in 2007 by inventor and serial entrepreneur, Ryan McFarland. What began as McFarland seeking a solution to help his 2-year-old son fall in love with everything two wheels has grown into a company that has disrupted the “traditional” way children learn to ride.

What is the age limit for the Strider Cup?

The Strider Cup race series caters directly to children 2—6 years old, who want to experience the thrill of racing. We encourage kiddos of all sizes and riding abilities to participate. Admission to the race is free for families and spectators; however, an entry fee for racers may apply.

What are Strider discovery rides?

Strider Discovery Rides aren’t competitive races, but unforgettable rides where parents and their children can explore unique and inspiring venues. These events are exclusive to Strider riders and their families. And when we say exclusive, we mean it. They’re not open to the public, and the number of registrations can be limited.

What is a Strider Adventure Zone?

Strider Adventure Zones are safe and friendly environments that encourage kids of all abilities to test ride a Strider Bike and play with other kids. All while improving and developing their sweet bike-handling skills.