Who wrote Both Sides Now lyrics?

Who wrote Both Sides Now lyrics?

Joni Mitchell
Håkan Hellström
Both Sides Now/Lyricists

How old is Joni Mitchell?

78 years (November 7, 1943)Joni Mitchell / Age

What is Joni Mitchell’s most famous song?

Joni Mitchell’s Top 10 Songs

  • 1. “ Cactus Tree” (1968)
  • 2. “ The Arrangement” (1970)
  • 3. “ River” (1971)
  • 4. “ A Case of You” (1971)
  • 5. “ For the Roses” (1972)
  • 6. “ People’s Parties” (1974)
  • 7. “ Raised on Robbery” (1974)
  • 8. “ The Hissing of Summer Lawns” (1975)

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What is Joni Mitchell’s favorite song?

Decades later, when Mitchell was asked to choose some of her favourite songs of all time, she made the decision to put ‘Harlem In Havana’ on her list, a song that celebrates the innate wonder of childhood and contains the seeds of Mitchell’s enduring fascination with jazz music.

Can someone listen to your thoughts?

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