Which castes comes under General in Karnataka?

Which castes comes under General in Karnataka?

Karnataka Scheduled Castes (SC) List

  • Adi Andra.
  • Adi Dravida.
  • Adi Karnataka.
  • Ajila.
  • Aruthathiyar.
  • Ayyanavar.
  • Bairava.
  • Bakuda.

What is general category caste?

The Government of India defines General Caste as the caste that does not come under SC, ST or OBC. They are socially, economically and educationally advanced.

What is Karnataka Category 1 caste?

Agasa, Chakala, Dhobi, Madivala, Mannan, Parit, Rajaka, Sakala, etc.

What is 2B category in Karnataka?


Category Reservation Percentage under 15(4) and 16(4) Minority Caste/ Sub castes
Category-2A 15% Buddhists with other communities.
Category-2B 4% Muslims (Exclusively)
Category-3B 5% Christians, Jains, Digambar with other communities.

Is OC general category?

OC means Other category or in other words General. There’s no quota for OC or the General category. While filling for if OC is not given you can select GEN or General and if that’s also not given , then select UR means Un- reserved.

Does OBC come under general category?

OBC category is other backward class category. It refers to those Section of people who are a bit developed. They are more uplifted than SC/ST but less than general category. The people of these group are provided reservation to uplift themselves.

What is General OBC category?

General category refers to those Section of people who are developed and well-to-date. They are uplifted Section of Society. These group of people are not provided any reservations. OBC category is other backward class category. It refers to those Section of people who are a bit developed.

Is ur general category?

UR Category refers to Unreserved Category in which the candidates don’t get any type of reservation in government exams, institutions, colleges. UR category is a part of General Category in which candidates face high cut off and merit marks as compared to other categories candidates.

What is 3A category Karnataka?

Only the Telugu Reddy-Reddy of Karnataka belong to OBC which is called 3A in Karnataka.

Which category is vokkaliga?

Karnataka Caste Wise Report

S.No State Caste Name Caste Category Name
1 Vokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(a)) Cat-IIIA
2 Vakkaliga(Sl.No-1-(b)) Cat-IIIA
3 SarpaVokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(c)) Cat-IIIA
4 HallikarVokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(d)) Cat-IIIA

What is 2A 2B 3A 3B category meaning?

While categories 2A and 2B are categorised as ‘more backward’, 3A and 3B are categorised as ‘backward’.

What is 3B category caste?

Category 3B is considered as OBC in Karnataka.

Can OBC apply in general category?

An OBC candidate is considered against OBC vacancies only if he/she possesses a valid OBC certificate. However, such OBC candidates can always compete for the unreserved vacancies provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria of General category.

Can I change my caste from general to St?

no it cannot be changed . Caste is not a cloth to be changed when desired. Only your rebirth with SC/ST parents can make that possible. You cannot get it changed.

Which is best OBC or general?

OBC are socially and educationally backward to the General category. So in social terms, in India society General is above/ treated with social respect and acceptance than OBC.

Can OBC claim general seat?

The Supreme Court said that OBC category candidates are required to be adjusted against the general category who were more meritorious than the last of the general category candidates appointed.

Who can apply under general category?

The Supreme Court has said the general category vacancies in public employment is open to allincluding aspirants belonging to reserved categories like other backward classes (OBCs) and Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs).

Can SC become general?

Being an SC form category requires certificates from different authorities as evidence. As this entails certain government benefits. But the proof is not necessary for a general category. All you’ll have to do is mention the general category in your documents if you want to move from SC to general.

Is Vokkaliga OBC or general?

Which in short means, Vokkaliga is a Backward caste in Karnataka , so is Lingayats both enjoy reservation under category 3A and 3B. So, Yes the vokkaliga caste comes under obc in central list.

Does 2A belong to OBC?

Which caste is 3A in Karnataka?

Telugu Reddy-Reddy
Only the Telugu Reddy-Reddy of Karnataka belong to OBC which is called 3A in Karnataka.

Can children get mother caste Karnataka?

Yes,It is Supreme Court order. You can apply as SC,If your mother from SC community.

Can I become OBC from general?

Once if you apply under general category you can’t get chance to change it to OBC Category as it will be considered till final counselling.

Is OBC a general category?

Candidates who fall under OBC creamy layer (parents’ annual income more than 8 lakhs) are treated as general category students. They do not have any reservations at the Government institutions. They can compete in general merit.