Where are the climate protesters on the M25?

Where are the climate protesters on the M25?

Members of Insulate Britain blocked slip roads, glued themselves to the road and poured paint on the carriageway. Hertfordshire Police said officers were called to reports of demonstrators near junction 18 (Chorleywood) of the M25, where “several” people had glued themselves to the road.

Are protesters blocking the M25?

Insulate Britain protesters have been squirted in the face with ink as they blocked major roads connecting to the M25, despite a new court injunction. Nearly 50 demonstrators from the environmental group have been arrested at three sites, including on the A40 in west London during rush hour.

What is the M25 protest about?

The protest group, which has been regularly blocking highways since 13 September, has been calling for the installation of heat-saving measures in social housing by 2025, and all homes by 2030. It admitted its latest action was “in breach” of an injunction obtained by the government last month.

Why are protesters blocking the M25?

Fourteen protesters in orange high-visibility vests again sat in the road holding banners to stop cars, buses and lorries getting by to demand action from the government to improve home insulation and cut domestic energy waste, a key contributor to the climate crisis.

Where is the M25 blocked by protesters?

National Highways had been granted an injunction against the M25 protesters to prevent further sections of London’s orbital motorway from being blocked. Following the announcement, Insulate Britain activists blocked a road outside the Home Office in central London.

Where have Insulate Britain blocked M25?

Angry motorists and police dragged Insulate Britain protesters off an M25 junction as the group blocked roads for the 13th time. The clashes between drivers and protesters ensued after demonstrators blocked the junction to St Clements Way and London Road in Thurrock on Wednesday morning.

Did Insulate Britain protest today?

The group has drawn condemnation, including from individuals within the government. On 17 November 2021, nine protesters were imprisoned for breaching an injuction against road blockade protests….

Insulate Britain protests
Date 13 September 2021
Location Birmingham, London, M25 motorway, Manchester, Port of Dover

Has Insulate Britain stopped?

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that today we have to announce that as Insulate Britain we have failed,” the statement said. “We failed to move our irresponsible government to take meaningful action to prevent thousands of us from dying in our cold homes during the energy price crisis.

Are Insulate Britain still protesting?

Insulate Britain has previously said it will resume its protests in the spring. Five of the group’s activists were jailed at the High Court last week after breaching an injunction by protesting on the M25.

Where did Insulate Britain block today?

Insulate Britain protesters have blocked two roads around Parliament Square in Westminster. The group said more than 60 activists had gathered at Bridge Street by Westminster Bridge and the peers’ entrance to the Houses of Parliament. Met Police officers arrested 59 protesters at the scene.

Why are people protesting in London on the road?

Some of the reasons for opposition to opening new roads include: a desire to reduce air pollution and thus not wishing to incentivise increased or sustained car usage, and/or a desire to reduce or maintain low noise pollution by not having or increasing the use of motor vehicles in the area of the planned/proposed road …

How many Insulate Britain protesters have been jailed?

Five Insulate Britain
Five Insulate Britain campaigners have been jailed for defying a court order preventing them from protesting on the M25. The activists, who held a demonstration on the motorway in September, were all charged with contempt of court.

Why are Insulate Britain allowed to block roads?

Why are Insulate Britain blocking motorways and roads? Through the disruption of a major motorway, Insulate Britain is attempting to draw attention to the scale of the climate crisis. the campaign is calling on the Government to better insulate properties and reduce emissions.

Why do road protesters sit?

Insulate Britain return after 10-day break and block roads in London – 53 people arrested. A total of 61 of activists were sitting on roads carrying Insulate Britain banners, and some glued themselves to the road surface.

What are Insulate Britain trying to do?

Insulate Britain is a recently-launched campaigning organisation. It is calling for a national programme to ensure homes are insulated to be low energy by 2030.

Are Insulate Britain still blocking M25?

Insulate Britain, the environmental campaign group that has been blocking the M25 and other major roads, has announced it will suspend its protests.

How many insulate Britain protesters have been charged?

Thirteen people have been charged with two counts of causing a public nuisance at Junction 14 of the M25 on 13 September 2021 and at Junction 25 of the M25 on 15 September 2021.

Who are these insulate Britain protesters?

Nine Insulate Britain protesters have been jailed for illegally blocking traffic on the M25. The campaign group began a wave of protests two months ago, blocking major roads and motorways in England.

What happened to the Insulate Britain protesters?

An activist from Insulate Britain hung a banner proclaiming “insulate or die” at the high court in London on Wednesday as five members of the group were sentenced to jail.

What is the point in Insulate Britain?

Insulate Britain is an environmental activist group, founded by six members of the global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion. Their methods slightly differ from that of Extinction Rebellion, but they share the same overall target: to reduce the rate of climate change.

Where do Insulate Britain block?

A series of protests by the group Insulate Britain involving traffic obstruction began on 13 September 2021. The group has blockaded the M25 and other motorways in the United Kingdom, as well as roads in London and the Port of Dover.

How many homes in the UK are not insulated?

Of solid wall properties, 97% remain untreated and of homes with lofts, 35% are uninsulated.

What are Insulate Britain doing?

What were British Insulated charges?

There are a total of 104 charges, 73 for public nuisance, 29 for obstruction and two for criminal damage, a further 19 people who were arrested were released without charge. Crawley Magistrates’ Court will begin hearing the charges from April.

How many members in Insulate Britain?

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Why is the M25 still closed between J23 and J25 Enfield?

National Highways tweeted on April 19 at 2.30pm: “The M25 clockwise remains closed between J23 Borehamwood and J25 Enfield following a collision and a large spillage of cooking oil across all the lanes.

How do I find out about diversions on the M25?

National Highway explains all diversions on their website, so if you need to pass through the M25 this morning, make sure to check out their website for full live updates and detailed descriptions of diversions.

Why is the M25 clockwise entry slip at Clacket Lane closed?

Location : The M25 clockwise entry slip at Clacket Lane Services. Lane Closures : Lane one will be closed. Reason : Roadside drains works are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : From 22:00 on 25 November 2021 to 05:00 on 26 November 2021. Lanes Closed : All lanes will be closed.