What is the unit cell of MoS2?

What is the unit cell of MoS2?

Natural MoS2 crystal properties

Crystal size ~10 mm – 15 mm
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Unit cell parameters a = b = 0.315 nm, c = 1.229 nm, α = β = 90°, γ = 120°
Type Synthetic
Purity >99.9 %

What is the crystal structure of MoS2?

The crystal structure of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) takes the form of a hexagonal plane of S atoms on either side of a hexagonal plane of Mo atoms. These triple planes stack on top of each other, with strong covalent bonds between the Mo and S atoms, but weak van der Waals forcing holding layers together.

How many atoms are in a MoS2 unit cell?

3 atoms
We can get 1T MoS2 from monoclinic C2/m space group… Its unit cell has 3 atoms(one Mo and two S).

What is the name for MoS2?

Molybdenum disulfide
Molybdenum disulfide [molybdenum(IV) sulfide, MoS2] is an inorganic compound that exists in nature in the mineral molybdenite. Its crystals have a hexagonal layered structure (shown) that is similar to graphite.

What is 1T MoS2?

The 1T-MoS2 monolayer is a slab of hexagonal Mo lattice occupies at the center by octahedral coordination between two layers of hexagonally packed S atoms [27]. The coordination of the Mo metal and its d-electrons play an important role in manipulating the electronic property of MoS2 nanosheets [10], [13].

What is 2D MoS2?

Monolayer MoS2 is a semiconductor with a direct bandgap of 1.8 eV [10]. This property of MoS2 is inspiring, which will largely compensate the weakness of gapless graphene, thus making it possible for 2D materials to be used in the next generation switching and optoelectronic devices.

How is MoS2 made?

In [65], MoS2 is synthesized using a liquid organic precursor on an insulating substrate using CVD. The used method is more reproducible and is used to obtain larger areas of MoS2 layers than those obtained with methods using powder Molybdenum oxide and sulfur powder.

What is 1T and 2H MoS2?

MoS2 generally exhibits two kinds of crystalline phases: hexagonal 2H phase and octahedral 1T phase. 1T-MoS2 exhibits much better chemical/physical properties than natural semiconductor 2H-MoS2. However, 1T-MoS2 is metastable and its synthesis is still a challenge.

What is 2H MoS2?

MoS2 (2H phase) is a semiconductor with an indirect band gap of 1.2 eV. Monolayer MoS2 has a band gap of ~1.8 eV. Molybdenum Disulfide is used for example as a photodetector and transistor. The layers are stacked together via van der Waals interactions and can be exfoliated into thin 2D layers.

Why is MoS2 a 2D material?

What is MoS2 made of?

Atomic structure of MoS2.: (a) Monolayer of MoS2 is made of a honeycomb sheet of Molybdenum atoms covalently sandwiched between two honeycomb sheets of Sulphur atoms. Bulk of MoS2 is formed by monolayers stacked and held on top of each other by van der Waals forces.

What are the properties of MoS2?

Its chemical formula is MoS 2.

Appearance black/lead-gray solid
Density 5.06 g/cm3
Melting point 2,375 °C (4,307 °F; 2,648 K)
Solubility in water insoluble

What is 1T phase MoS2?

In addition to the 2H phase, 2D MoS2 in octahedral (1T) or distorted octahedral (1T′) phases can be obtained by phase conversion from the 2H phase through lithium ion intercalation3,4, electron beam scanning5 or surface doping6, in which the configuration of sulfur coordination around Mo atoms is changed.

What is 2H and 1T-MoS2?

What is 3R MoS2?

General Background. 3R-MoS2 (space group, R3m; point group, C53v, a = b = c = 6.403 Å; α = 28.627° or a = b = 3.166 Å; c = 18.41 Å with hexagonal axes) is one of the many polytypes of MoS2. (32) It consists of layered sheets of covalently bonded condensed Mo–S trigonal prisms (often called “sandwich layers”).

Is MoS2 2D material?

What is 1T-MoS2?

How many layers of MoS2 are there in the unit cell?

This view is the bulk MoS2 along c-axis. In the unit cell, it has two layers of MoS2. However, it has 6/mmm point group.

What is the symmetry of MoS2 along the c-axis?

Its symmetry along the c-axis can be called 3/m or bar (6). This view is the bulk MoS2 along c-axis. In the unit cell, it has two layers of MoS2. However, it has 6/mmm point group.

What is the rotation symmetry of monolayer MoS2?

In the case of the monolayer MoS2, it has 3-fold rotation symmetry when viewed from the top of its unit cell (c-axis). Even in the case of bulk (AB stacking) MoS2, it has only 3-fold rotation symmetry from the same direction.