What is OrderBy in LINQ?

What is OrderBy in LINQ?

LINQ OrderBy operator comes first in LINQ Sorting Operators. OrderBy operator sort the sequence (collection) based on particular property in ascending order. We can use OrderBy operator both in Query Syntax and Method Syntax. Below is the syntax of OrderBy operator.

How does OrderBy work in C#?

In a query expression, the orderby clause causes the returned sequence or subsequence (group) to be sorted in either ascending or descending order. Multiple keys can be specified in order to perform one or more secondary sort operations. The sorting is performed by the default comparer for the type of the element.

Is LINQ OrderBy stable?

This method performs a stable sort; that is, if the keys of two elements are equal, the order of the elements is preserved.

What algorithm does LINQ OrderBy use?

For LINQ to Objects, it’s a stable quicksort that is used.

Is OrderBy stable C#?

Yes, they’re definitely stable.

What is reverse in LINQ C#?

The LINQ Reverse method is used to reverse the data stored in a data source. That means this method will not change the data rather it simple reverse the data stored in the data source. So, as a result, we will get the output in reverse order.

How does OrderBy and ThenBy work?

The ThenBy and ThenByDescending extension methods are used for sorting on multiple fields. The OrderBy() method sorts the collection in ascending order based on specified field. Use ThenBy() method after OrderBy to sort the collection on another field in ascending order.

Does C# list maintain order?

The List<> class does guarantee ordering – things will be retained in the list in the order you add them, including duplicates, unless you explicitly sort the list.

Which sorting is not stable?

Stable and Unstable Sorting Algorithms Several common sorting algorithms are stable by nature, such as Merge Sort, Timsort, Counting Sort, Insertion Sort, and Bubble Sort. Others such as Quicksort, Heapsort and Selection Sort are unstable.

Why selection sort is unstable?

Selection sort works by finding the minimum element and then inserting it in its correct position by swapping with the element which is in the position of this minimum element. This is what makes it unstable.

How do you reverse a string in LINQ?

First, an input string is converted into a character array using ToCharArray() and then, the Reverse() method is applied to reverse the characters.

  1. private static void ReverseStringWithInbuiltMethod(string stringInput)
  2. {
  3. // using Linq.
  4. var resultstring = new string(stringInput.ToCharArray().Reverse().ToArray());

How do I sort an IEnumerable?

var result = myEnumerable. OrderBy(s => s, StringComparer. CurrentCultureIgnoreCase); Note that, as is usual with LINQ, this creates a new IEnumerable which, when enumerated, returns the elements of the original IEnumerable in sorted order.

How do you use OrderBy and ThenBy in Linq?

Use ThenBy() method after OrderBy to sort the collection on another field in ascending order. Linq will first sort the collection based on primary field which is specified by OrderBy method and then sort the resulted collection in ascending order again based on secondary field specified by ThenBy method.

What is ThenBy in Linq?

LINQ ThenBy Operator is used when we want to sort the elements in a collection by using multiple properties in ascending order. This operator must use after OrderBy or OrderByDescending operator.

Is there a priority queue in C#?

A priority queue assigns a priority to each element. Knowing how to build them is important in solving many coding problems. A priority queue is a data structure that holds information that has some sort of priority value.

Can sorted list have duplicate keys?

A SortedList does not allow duplicate keys. Operations on a SortedList object tend to be slower than operations on a Hashtable object because of the sorting. Elements in this collection can be accessed using an integer index.

Which is the slowest algorithm?

In computer science, bogosort (also known as permutation sort, stupid sort, or slowsort) is a sorting algorithm based on the generate and test paradigm.

Which is slowest sorting procedure?

The correct option is b Bubble sort.

Is bucket sort stable?

Bucket sort is stable, if the underlying sort is also stable, as equal keys are inserted in order to each bucket. Counting sort works by determining how many integers are behind each integer in the input array A.

Which sorting algo is not stable?

These sorting algorithms are usually not stable: quicksort. heapsort. selection sort.

What is ToCharArray in C#?

The ToCharArray() method in C# is used to copy the characters in this instance to a Unicode character array.

How do I reverse the order of words in a string in C#?


  1. using System;
  2. namespace WordReverse {
  3. public static class Extension {
  4. // This method will be treated as an extension and Static based on the way of call.
  5. public static string[] ReverseWord(this string[] strArray) {
  6. if (strArray is null) {
  7. throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(strArray));
  8. }