What is Balija community?

What is Balija community?

Balija is a trader community found in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

What is Balija caste in Tamilnadu?

Balija Naidu is a social group found mainly in southern states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They are considered to be a sub caste of Kapu with ‚Kapu‚„ meaning ‚protector‚„ in Telugu. The two chief languages spoken by Balija Naidus are Telugu and Kannada.

Is Settibalija OC or BC in Andhra Pradesh?

Settibalija community from Rayalaseema districts are belongs to O.C and they are not coming under B.C category., and they are also claiming as if they are belongs to Kapu community and Pray SriKrishna Devarayalu as theirs ancestral community god.

What is the meaning of balija?

Definition of Balija : a member of a numerous caste of traders of Madras and Madhya Pradesh states, India.

Is Balija a OBC?

In 1994, the Balija community was included in 3A category of the backward caste list in Karnataka, which deprived them of education and employment benefits, he said. “We have been in the 2A category since 1950s.

Is Balija a Kapu?

Balija caste is sometimes considered as the sub-caste of Kapu tribe. Balija caste is often called as Naidu, which is a corruption of the Telugu word Nayakdu, meaning a leader. Scholars suggest that their ancestors probably have been Nayaks or the kings of Tanjore, Madura and Vijayanagar.

Is Balija an OC?

Balija is a caste of the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Is Balija scheduled caste?

Is balija an OC?

Is balija scheduled caste?

What is Settibalija caste?

The Settibalija, also known as the Chettibalija, Ediga, Settiga, Settikula, or Indra, are a subgroup of the Gouda social group in India.

Who is Settibalija caste?

Settibalija people are derived and referred from “Ediga” Caste in olden days , whose main occupation is Toddy Tapping from Palm Trees (“Tati Cheetu” in Telugu). The other names are Goud, Srisayna, Yata. Most of the half of the 18th century, india is partially covered with poverty and malnutrition.

Is Kapu and Balija same?

Are balija Kshatriya?

The descendants of the Nāyak or Balija Kings of Madura and Tanjore claim to be Kshatriyas and of the Kāsyapa (a rishi) gōtra, while the Vijayanagar Rais say they are lineal descendants of the sage Bhāradwāja. Others trace their ancestry to the Kauravas of the Mahābhārata.

What is the caste of a Balija?

They belong to the right-hand section, which is headed by the Desayi, who is a Balija, and so describe themselves as belonging to the Setti or Chetti samayam (section). Some members of the Mila and Vada fishing castes have adopted Oda or Vada (boat) Balija as their caste name.

Are Balija Chettis and Balija Nayaks the same caste?

David Rudner claims that the Balija Chettis became a separate caste from the Balija Nayak warriors as recent as the 19th century; and accordingly they have closer kinship ties to the Nayak warriors than to Chetti merchants. According to Kanakalatha Mukund, the Balija merchants of Tamil Nadu are called Kavarai.

Who are Balijas?

Balija .— The Balijas are described by Mr. Francis * as being “the chief Telugu trading caste, scattered throughout all parts of the Presidency. It is said to have two main sub-divisions, Dēsa (or Kōta, a fort) and Pēta (street).

What is the DESA section of the Balija caste in Madras?

According to the “Gazetteer of the Nellore district :Brought upto 1938 ” by Government of Madras staff ,the Desa section of Balija caste comprises of the descendents of the Nayak kings of Madura,Thanjore and Vijayanagar.As per G.S.Ghurye in “Caste and Race in India” , the Nayak kings of Madura and Thanjavur were Balijas.