What is an interactive projection mapping dance?

What is an interactive projection mapping dance?

Umbra: Interactive Dance with Projection Umbra is an artistic dance performance that uses some neat interactive projection mapping. With only a webcam to track the movement of the dancer, dynamic and real time effects are mapped around the performer for a haunting an surreal effect.

What is mapping dance?

‘The Movement of Air’ Merges Interactive Digital Projections With Dance. Digital mapping that reacts to human interaction, making each scene unique.

How much does it cost for projection mapping?

The average projection mapping service costs about $10,000 per one-minute of 3D video content. But in addition to the cost of the video development time, you’ll also need to take into consideration the cost of the projectors, media server, and hard drive.

What can projection mapping be used for?

Projection mapping is a technological innovation that lets you overlap video onto any surface, such as a building or road. Projection mapping uses a pre-production process to fit images into a 3D model of a building to give the appearance they are painted on.

What are the five 5 elements of dance?

Finally, a great way to remember the five elements is by thinking of the acronym BASTE: Body, Action, Space, Time and Energy.

What are the 5 map projections?


Projection Type Key virtues
Stereographic azimuthal conformal
Lambert Conformal Conic conic conformal
Mercator cylindrical conformal and true direction
Robinson pseudo-cylindrical all attributes are distorted to create a ‘more pleasant’ appearance

What equipment is needed for projection mapping?

Projection Mapping is comprised of three large focuses: Hardware, Media,and Software. Hardware is the gear to make the project go: Your computer, cables, projector, power source, midi controllers, peripherals, etc. Software is the glue between the gear and the user enabling control over the output.

What are the 5 components of dance?

What are dynamics in dance?

Dynamics in dance is how the dancer moves. They help you accentuate the music you are dancing to, match the ebb and flow of the tempo and add a performance aspect to the dance.

What are 4 types of map projections?

What Are The 4 Main Types Of Map projections

  • Azimuthal projection.
  • Conic projection.
  • Cylindrical projection.
  • Conventional projection or Mathematical projection.

What are the 4 main types of map projections?