What is a desk copy from a publisher?

What is a desk copy from a publisher?

A “desk copy” is a complimentary copy of a textbook that a faculty member has selected for use in a class. The department or faculty member arranges for the delivery of these books by directly contacting the publisher or publisher’s representative.

Is Rowman and Littlefield a good academic publisher?

The publisher is well established in its subject areas, and maintains a presence at academic conferences. Rowman & Littlefield is a highly reputable publisher for LIS authors with a proposal for an academic or professional development topic.

What is the difference between a review copy and a desk copy?

Review copies are for media who plan to give the book to a reviewer. Desk copies are for instructors who have adopted the book for a class and meet our desk copy requirements. Examination copies are for instructors who are considering using a text but have not adopted it.

Is Rowman & Littlefield peer reviewed?

We continue to publish high-quality peer-reviewed monographs and edited collections by established and emerging scholars, works that may not have a wide audience but make a significant contribution to scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.

What are examination copies?

Examination copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for course adoption consideration. Exam copies will be fulfilled via eBook whenever possible within three business days, providing one-year access to the title.

What is an instructor copy of a textbook?

Most publishers supply free copies of textbooks to instructors who are requiring the text for their class. Either the instructor or the Department must request the book from the publisher.

Who owns Rowman and Littlefield Publishers?

The current company took shape when University Press of America acquired Rowman & Littlefield in 1988 and took the Rowman & Littlefield name for the parent company. Since 2013, there has also been an affiliated company based in London called Rowman & Littlefield International.

What is desk examination?

Desk examination means a targeted examination that is conducted by an examiner at a location other than the insurer’s premises.

Who owns Rowman and Littlefield?

Where are Rowman and Littlefield publishers?

We are one of America’s largest book distributors: National Book Network (NBN). Rowman & Littlefield is based near Washington, DC with offices throughout the US and UK.

Can you sell instructor edition textbooks?

It is Perfectly Legal to Sell Something You Got For Free That’s what publishers claim professors are doing with their instructor editions – requesting them just to sell and make a profit.

What is an instructors evaluation copy?

Therefore, once in a while, professors receive so-called review copies (also known as desk or evaluation copies) of recently released textbooks in their subject. These textbooks are usually identical in their content with those books used by students.

Where are Rowman and Littlefield Publishers?

What is UPA publishing?

University Press of America is an academic publisher based in the United States. Part of the independent Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, it was founded in 1975 and states that it has published “more than 10,000 academic, scholarly, and biographical titles in many disciplines”.

Does Rowman and Littlefield publish fiction?

It publishes such well-known historical fiction writers as Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent), Julian Stockwin, Dudley Pope, John Biggins, and Dewey Lambdin. McBooks was founded by Alex Skutt as an offshoot of his independent bookstore of the same name.

What kind of publisher is Rowman and Littlefield?

independent publishing house
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group is an independent publishing house founded in 1949. Under several imprints, the company offers scholarly books for the academic market, as well as trade books. The company also owns the book distributing company National Book Network based in Lanham, Maryland.

What is the difference between teacher’s edition and textbook?

Instructor’s editions typically contain the same content as the student edition. The only difference will be markings displayed on the cover, such as “Instructor’s Edition”, “Complimentary Copy”, “Free Copy”, or “Not for Sale” .

Can you sell instructor editions on eBay?

Websites such as and, which are famous for selling just about everything, specifically ban people from selling teacher-edition books.

How many copies do academic books sell?

Review volumes don’t tend to sell many copies – definitely not more than 1000, and closer to monographs than to textbooks. Popular-level books: These can sell 1000+ copies if they’re reasonably well written, but the median is lower at maybe 500-600.

Where is the University Press of America?

Lanham, Maryland
University Press of America

Parent company Rowman & Littlefield
Country of origin United States
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