What does it mean when something is remanded?

What does it mean when something is remanded?

Definition of remand (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. : to order back: such as. a : to send back (a case) to another court or agency for further action. b : to return to custody pending trial or for further detention.

What does remanded case mean?

A remanded appeal simply means that the case is sent back to the lower courts. This occurs when the appellate court finds that the lower court’s judge made some error related to the laws or facts in your case.

What is an example of remand?

The definition of a remand is an act of being sent back. An example of a remand is the act of sending a court case back to a lower court for further action. Remand is defined as to send back. An example of to remand is to send a prisoner back to jail.

What is a remanded sentence?

Definition of Remand. to send someone accused of committing a crime into custody or bail until their next hearing. Examples of Remand in a sentence. 1. The judge agreed to remand the convicted felon into custody until his sentencing hearing.

What happens when you are remanded?

When a person is charged with a crime and held in police custody they must be brought to the first available court for the court to decide whether they should continue to be held (remanded) in custody. If a defendant is remanded in custody they will be kept in prison and required to appear in court.

Why does someone get remanded?

Typically, a suspect will be remanded only if it is likely that he or she could commit a serious crime, interfere with the investigation, or fail to come to the trial. In the majority of court cases, the suspect will not be in detention while awaiting trial, often with restrictions such as bail.

Why would you get remanded?

What is the difference between remand and bail?

Bail is the process whereby a person who has been arrested and charged is released from police custody back into the community whilst awaiting the next court hearing. If bail is refused, then the arrested person is remanded in custody pending the next court hearing.

How long can you be on remand for?

In September the government extended custody time limits – the amount of time that someone can be held on remand – from six to eight months.

Is being on remand serious?

Until a prisoner is sentenced, in theory they should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Most of those in custody on remand have been remanded and are awaiting trial, they have not been convicted of a criminal offence. Judges Remand is when a prisoner has been convicted and is waiting to be sentenced.

How long can you be remanded?

In September, the Government extended Custody Time Limits (CTLs) – the amount of time that someone can be held on remand – from six to eight months.

What happens if you get remanded?

Remand means that you will not be given bail and must stay in prison while your trial is going on.

How long can you stay on remand?

What happens when you are put on remand?

How long can you be in remand for?

What happens if you are on remand and found not guilty?

A person who is on remanded in a prison is not treated as a convicted prisoner, as they have not yet been found guilty of any offence. They should also have further rights in prison, such as being able to wear their own clothes and having more visits.

What is the difference between custody and remand?

309(2) are different from detention in custody under Section 167. While remand under the former relates to a stage after cognizance and can only be to judicial custody, detention under the latter relates to the stage of investigation and can initially be either in police custody or judicial custody.

Why would you be put on remand?

What does remand and return mean?

remand – the act of sending an accused person back into custody to await trial (or the continuation of the trial) return – the act of going back to a prior location; “they set out on their return to the base camp” challenge – issue a challenge to; “Fischer challenged Spassky to a match”

What does it mean to be remanded to prison?

Remand. A prisoner who is remanded into custody is sent back to prison subsequent to a Preliminary Hearing before a tribunal or magistrate until the hearing is resumed, or the trial is commenced. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Is remand the same thing as delay?

It IS DELAY, DELAY, DELAY, or REMAND, REMAND, REMAND. it is the same thing, and don’t play us for fools, saying it’s different than the civilians court system. How many times will can a remand happen?, as long as the veteran is living, that’s how long.