Is We of the Never Never Based on a true story?

Is We of the Never Never Based on a true story?

We of the Never Never is based on Jeannie Gunn’s popular autobiography, published in 1908, five years after she left Elsey to return to Melbourne.

What Aboriginal land is Mataranka?

Mataranka is a town and locality in the Northern Territory of Australia located about 420 km (260 mi.) southeast of the territory capital of Darwin, and 107 km (66 mi.) south of Katherine….Mataranka, Northern Territory.

Mataranka Northern Territory
Established 24 May 1928 (town) 4 April 2007 (locality)
Postcode(s) 0852
Time zone ACST (UTC+9:30)

What does Mataranka mean in Aboriginal?

Origin of Name It is probable that the word “mataranka” means “home of the snake” in the language of the local Yangman Aboriginal people.

Where is Elsey Station?


Address: Stuart Highway, Signposted Turnoff south of Mataranka, Mataranka, 0852
State: NT
Area: AUS
GPS Coordinates: Lat: -15.084167 Long: 133.123333 Note: GPS Coordinates are approximate.

Where is Jeannie Gunn buried?

the Melbourne General Cemetery
Jeannie Gunn died on the 9th June 1961 and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

Where is the never never in Australia?

Never Never is a small New South Wales Rural Location within the local government area of Bellingen, it is located approximately 415kms from the capital Sydney covering an area of 92.129 square kilometres.

What is Mataranka famous for?

The small town of Mataranka, south of Katherine, is renowned for its sandy-bottomed thermal pool, pastoral history and as a welcomed stop with tourers. The area was made famous by the novel We of the Never Never – a book written about nearby Elsey Station by Jeannie Gunn.

Can you buy alcohol in Mataranka?

Katherine and Mataranka You can only buy takeaway alcohol during the following hours: from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 8pm. on Saturday and public holidays, except Christmas Day and Good Friday, 12 noon to 8pm.

Are there crocodiles in Mataranka?

Bitter Springs at Mataranka was opened again today after another croc sighting on Friday. Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife said a small freshwater crocodile, less than a metre in length, caused a closure on Friday.

Who is Elsey?

The name is ultimately derived from John Ravenscroft Elsey, a surgeon and naturalist, who was a member of Gregory’s expedition to Northern Australia during 1856….Elsey, Northern Territory.

Elsey Northern Territory
Population 39 (2016 census)
• Density 0.00462/km2 (0.01196/sq mi)
Established 4 April 2007
Postcode(s) 0852

Where is the house from We of the Never Never?

Right next to Bitter Springs is the replica homestead from the book We of the Never Never by Jeannie Gunn accounting her real life experience of moving to Elsey Station outside Mataranka in 1902. The replica homestead was built for the 1982 film.

Why is Australia called Never Never?

The Never Never is the name of a vast, remote area of the Australian Outback, as described in Barcroft Boake’s poem “Where the Dead Men Lie”: Out on the wastes of the Never Never – That’s where the dead men lie!

Why is it called Never Never Land?

In the earliest drafts of the play, the island was called “Peter’s Never Never Never Land”, a name possibly influenced by the ‘Never Never’, a contemporary term for outback Australia. In the 1928 published version of the play’s script, the name was shortened to “the Never Land”.

Can you swim at Mataranka Falls?

At the end o the trail you arrive at a small waterfall and beautiful palms, there is also a picnic area. It is half in the shade and half exposed so be prepared. Unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed in the river due to crocodiles. This is a top walk.

Is Tiwi Island a dry community?

You cannot drink alcohol in public in the Tiwi Islands. You can drink alcohol in four licensed clubs on the island.

Can I take alcohol to Uluru?

Sales are limited to 6 cans of beer or 6 RTD spirits in bottle or can per person per day. Wine sales shall be restricted to bottled wine only.

Is it safe to swim in Mataranka?

The Mataranka Thermal Pools and Bitter Springs are both located in the Elsey National Park. It is safe to swim here and the springs are a perfect 34 degrees Celsius year ’round. The rest of the National Park waterways are crocodile habitat, so no swimming.

What nationality is Elsey?

The history of the name Elsey begins with the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is derived from the baptismal name Elsy, which was originally derived from the Old Norse word Aelfsige, which literally means elf-victory. Baptismal names began to appear as surnames relatively late in the growth of the naming tradition.

Is Bitter Springs the same as mataranka?

Bitter Springs is part of Elsey National Park and is Mataranka’s newest thermal pool. It has a day use area with barbecues, tables and eco-friendly toilets.

Where can I fish in Mataranka?

Roper River: 4 Mile, 11 Mile, 12 Mile – Jalmurark Campground, Korwan (Mataranka Falls), Little Roper – end of Botanic Walk, Wabalarr and Mururark have deep waterholes that can be fished from the riverbank, Waterhouse River – adjacent to the Mataranka thermal pools.

What is the Nevernever?

/ˌnev.əˈnev.ər/ on the never-never. using a system of payment in which part of the cost of something is paid immediately and then small regular payments are made until the debt is reduced to nothing: I don’t like buying things on the never-never because they charge you such a lot in interest.

Why is it called Neverland?

Who said second star to the right and straight on till morning?

This line is spoken by Peter Pan (voiced by Bobby Driscoll) in the film Peter Pan (1953), directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske.

Are there crocodiles at Mataranka?

There’s a walk of about 10 minutes from the car park area to the Pools. You’ll pass through the Mataranka Homestead where there are toilets if you need them. There are no toilets at the pools themselves. As you enter the pool area, you’ll see a sign warning of Freshwater Crocodiles.

Can I live on Tiwi Islands?

The Tiwi Islands are private property. Your permit only allows you to reside on the islands; it does not entitle you to invite other people, such as friends or relatives, to visit without a permit.