Is KERA donation tax deductible?

Is KERA donation tax deductible?

Please notify KERA as soon as possible if you plan to change bank accounts, close an account or open a new bank account. Contributions are tax deductible, less the fair market value of a requested thank-you gift. KERA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the State of Texas.

Is KERA free?

You can explore on-demand content, search for stories, bookmark a show or story for later and wake up to KERA with the alarm clock — all for free!

What is KERA passport?

KERA Passport is a benefit for members offering extended, on-demand access to a rich library of public television programming, like The Great British Baking Show, Victoria, Grantchester, specials from Nature, Austin City Limits and much more.

How do I cancel KERA?

If you are a Sustaining member who donates monthly, you can adjust or cancel your monthly donation payments by calling (214) 740-9272 or emailing: [email protected]

How do I contact KERA TV?

A representative will contact you to resolve your concern, and, if appropriate, will direct your message to other station personnel who can help you. If you prefer to contact Audience and Member Services by telephone, please call 214-740-9272 or metro 972-263-3151, ext. 272.

What’s wrong with KERA?

ALERT: KERA 90.1 FM has been experiencing problems with its primary radio transmitter resulting in outages and static. The station is currently broadcasting via a secondary transmitter, which operates at a slightly lower power level. Listeners may continue to experience a less than optimal signal during this time.

Is KERA the same as NPR?

KERA is an NPR member station and carries NPR programming.

How much does it cost for PBS passport?

$60 a year
Typically, the PBS Passport member benefit requires a station donation of at least $60 a year, or $5 Sustainer/Ongoing-monthly gifts. Keep in mind that this donation requirement may vary from station to station. Please refer to your station’s website for service eligibility requirements.

How can I get a free PBS Passport?

PBS Passport is an added benefit available to eligible donors of participating PBS stations (i.e.: you must make a donation to your station to receive this benefit). Typically, the PBS Passport member benefit requires a station donation of at least $60 a year, or $5 Sustainer/Ongoing-monthly gifts.

Is PBS Passport tax-deductible?

Yes. Public Media Group of Southern California is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. PBS Passport is a member benefit and not available for purchase, so there is no fair market value.

What is the PBS station in Dallas Texas?

KERA-TV, virtual channel 13 (UHF digital channel 14), is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station licensed to Dallas, Texas, United States and serving the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

Who owns KERA news?

North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc.
Owned by North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc., it is sister to National Public Radio (NPR) member station KERA (90.1 FM) and adult album alternative station KKXT (91.7 FM).

How can I watch KERA?

Watch on your phone, tablet or computer. Or watch on your TV using the PBS or KERA app for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, newer Samsung Smart TVs or Android TVs.

How do I get a free PBS Passport?

Does the federal government fund PBS?

While the majority of funding for PBS is from donations and contributions, upwards of 15 percent of its money comes from the federal government—roughly . 012 percent of the federal budget—via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Is PBS owned by the US government?

PBS is a private, nonprofit media enterprise owned by its member public television stations.

Is KERA part of NPR?

What KERA means?

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