How much is the Black Superman comic worth?

How much is the Black Superman comic worth?

The standard cover of Action Comics #9, which features the character on the cover, has sold CGC 9.8 at $510 or $220 raw.

How much is Superman comic #75 worth?

Dan Jurgens story. Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding art. The “Death” of Superman. Cover price $2.50….CGC Signature Series.

$50 Superman 75 4th fourth printing CGC 9.4
$90 Superman #75 CGC 9.6 4017073004 Death of Superman 2nd Print Gatefold back

What’s the most expensive Superman comic book?

Michaelson’s goal has now resulted in a huge payoff. The rare Superman just sold at auction for $2,604,750, one of the highest sums ever paid for a comic book. The online event, which ended late Thursday, was run by auction house ComicConnect.

What is Superman phone number?

You can steal his identity Do those even still exist? But you could potentially use Superman’s social security number to commit all manner of minor financial crimes. In 1966’s Action Comics #340, DC decided to give Clark Kent a Social Security number, 092-09-6615.

How did Superman get a Social Security number?

In 1966’s Action Comics #340, DC decided to give Clark Kent a Social Security number, 092-09-6615. It’s actually a brilliant move if you’re trying to convince everyone you’re a mild-mannered journalist and NOT a superpowered alien crime fighter.

Did Superman use a phone booth?

Yes, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (creators of Superman) used a phone booth for Clark Kent to change into Superman in a Sunday newspaper comic strip in late 1942. Clark, seeing that there is a job for Superman, excuses himself from Lois by arranging to be called away by a bogus phone call.

Does Clark Kent have a birth certificate?

Kent’s real birth certificate reads Kal-El, which sounds vaguely Muslim. Kal-El was the product of an arranged marriage on the planet Krypton between Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. Kal-El’s mother, Lara, was reportedly “horrified” to learn that her husband wanted to send her baby to a “primitive” planet like Earth.

How did Superman die in the movie Superman?

Superman is victorious, but is stabbed in the chest and dies in Lois’ arms, a scene that is filmed by Jimmy Olsen. In the aftermath, a state funeral is held for Superman and the Kents welcome Lois into their family. Sometime later, Jimmy brings Lois back to Superman’s memorial’ where his coffin is empty.

How faithful is the death of Superman to the original DC?

The Death of Superman was written to be much more faithful to the original story; according to DC’s Tim Beedle, the film is “much less condensed and will include many of the fan-favorite moments from the story that were left out of Doomsday .” The film is co-directed by Jake Castorena and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Films.

Does the death and return of Superman show the man of steel?

” ‘ The Death And Return of Superman’ Shows The Man of Steel’s Dark Side”. Forbes. Retrieved December 8, 2018. ^ Cook, Dave (March 24, 2016). “Feature: Batman V Superman In The Battle Of The Nintendo Games”. Nintendo Life. Archived from the original on April 21, 2018.

Is there a book about the death of Superman?

The Death of Superman (1 ed.). DC Comics. ISBN 1-56389-097-6. ^ Kesel, Karl; Ordway, Jerry; Jurgens, Dan; Simonson, Louise; Stern, Roger (April 1993). World Without a Superman (1 ed.). DC Comics.