How much do Army EOD get paid?

How much do Army EOD get paid?

How much does a EOD Technician at US Army make? The typical US Army EOD Technician salary is $47,384 per year. EOD Technician salaries at US Army can range from $31,200 – $85,213 per year.

Does EOD get extra pay?

In addition to increasing selective re-enlistment bonuses, all EOD Airmen will receive a monthly special duty assignment payment of $150 for senior airmen, $300 for staff sergeants, and $375 for technical through chief master sergeants.

Is EOD considered special forces?

Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Navy diver are two separate professions within the Navy Special Operations community; however, if you are Navy EOD, you also will be Navy EOD Diver qualified. Navy EOD works closely with the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and is classified as Navy Special Operations.

How long is an Army EOD contract?

Bonuses are earned upon completion of the EOD training pipeline and a six-year enlistment contract.

Is Army EOD School Hard?

EOD School is both hands on and academically challenging. There is currently a 30% attrition rate for Army officers. Officers who fail to pass EOD School will revert to their basic branch.

How many EOD techs have died?

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Airmen, along with coalition partners, participated in the annual workout to honor the 134 EOD technicians from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps that have been killed since Sept. 11, 2001.

Does EOD see combat?

EOD technicians are likely to see combat. As enabler forces, EOD technicians embed with other units to provide EOD support and fill other roles as required by the mission. EOD technicians are not special forces operators, but do deploy with and support the SOF mission.

Do Army EOD see combat?

EOD and SERE specialists fall under “Combat Support,” conventional career fields with unique specialties that enable both conventional and SOF missions. EOD flights are typically part of Civil Engineering squadrons.

How hard is it to become EOD?

Training & Advancement Becoming an EOD Officer is no easy process. While the rigorous 51 weeks of training are both physically and mentally grueling, you will be rewarded with unrivaled leadership opportunities, first-rate compensation and respect. All EOD Officers must attend a certified Navy Officer training program.

How many people fail EOD?

Is EOD a good MOS?

These specialists are highly trained and perform a dangerous, technical job. EOD Specialists are tactical and technical explosives experts, and is considered one of the most dangerous MOS in the Army.

Is being an EOD hard?

EOD school is both very mentally taxing and very physically taxing. It’s also about a year long, about a year, year and a half. It’s tough being that mentally, not beaten down, but mentally worn out I guess, and physically you’re working out real hard everyday.

How difficult is Army EOD school?

What is the EOD death rate?

Since 9/11, 131 EOD technicians have died in combat and another 250 have sustained major physical injuries including lost eyesight, lost limbs, paralysis and major burns, but it is the numbers that aren’t tallied that are now most alarming to Falke and many others.

Are EOD respected?

There is an unassailable prestige that come from being an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) member in the military. They’re as cool as jet pilots, with the hands of a heart surgeon who operates on patients that can detonate and kill everyone within sight. From what they say there’s nothing like it.