How do you repeat a string in C?

How do you repeat a string in C?

It use the function “strcat()” from the “string. h”, so do not forget include this header. Show activity on this post. Here’s a way to repeat a string in C, N times.

How do you repeat a word in C?

C doesn’t have any built-in way to repeat a character n times, but we can do it using the for loop.

How can I print multiple character with one printf?

for your solution, just print with puts(thenPounds); and you’ll get the same ten characters, with the trailing newline. No need to further format anything.

Can you multiply printf?

No, you can’t do this in ‘C’ as far as I think.In python multiplication of a string by a number is defined as ‘repetition’ of the string that number of times. One way you can do this in ‘C++'(a superset of ‘C’ language) is through ‘operator overloading’.

How do you print duplicate characters from a string in C?


  1. #include
  2. #include
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5. char string[] = “Great responsibility”;
  6. int count;
  7. printf(“Duplicate characters in a given string: \n”);
  8. //Counts each character present in the string.

What is the symbol used to repeat a string in a print statement?

Use * to repeat a string.

Is there a repeat function in C?

In programming, a loop is used to repeat a block of code until the specified condition is met. C programming has three types of loops: for loop. while loop.

Can printf print multi word string?

Note: ‘printf’ can also be used to print the multi-word string instead of using puts. Try to write the same code with the ‘printf’ function, you will get the same output.

How do I print multiple lines in printf?

AFAIK, there’s two ways to broke a long printf statement into multiple lines: One is what Viorel_ suggests, concatenate multiple strings together, one on each line. And another way is to use a backslash as the last character, something in this format: printf(“part1 \ part2 \ part3”);

Can I multiply strings in C?

you cannot multiply a string.

What can I use instead of printf in C?

puts() The function puts() is used to print the string on the output stream with the additional new line character ‘\n’. It moves the cursor to the next line. Implementation of puts() is easier than printf().

How do I find a repeated word in a string?


  1. Define a string.
  2. Convert the string into lowercase to make the comparison insensitive.
  3. Split the string into words.
  4. Two loops will be used to find duplicate words.
  5. If a match found, then increment the count by 1 and set the duplicates of word to ‘0’ to avoid counting it again.

Which function is used to duplicate the given string?

strcpy can be used to copy one string to another. Remember that C strings are character arrays. You must pass character array, or pointer to character array to this function where string will be copied. The destination character array is the first parameter to strcpy .

How do you repeat a string?

JavaScript String repeat() The repeat() method returns a string with a number of copies of a string. The repeat() method returns a new string. The repeat() method does not change the original string.

How do you repeat a string from a given number of times?

repeat() method is used to return String whose value is the concatenation of given String repeated count times. If the string is empty or the count is zero then the empty string is returned.

What is looping in C?

The for loop in C language is used to iterate the statements or a part of the program several times. It is frequently used to traverse the data structures like the array and linked list.

Can printf print string?

We can print the string using %s format specifier in printf function. It will print the string from the given starting address to the null ‘\0’ character. String name itself the starting address of the string. So, if we give string name it will print the entire string.

How do I print multiple words in a string?

To print a string we can either use printf with %s format specifier or puts() function. While printf can print multiple strings at a time puts can only print one string at a time. printf can print multiple string at a time, whereas puts can only print one string at a time.

How do I add a new line in printf?

The escape sequence \n means newline. When a newline appears in the string output by a printf, the newline causes the cursor to position to the beginning of the next line on the screen.

Can Println print multiple lines?

A single statement can display multiple lines by using newline characters, which indicate to System. out’s print and println methods when to position the output cursor at the beginning of the next line in the command window.

How do you do multiple strings?

There are three ways you can multiply the string above:

  1. Using the String. repeat() method.
  2. Using a for loop.
  3. Using a while loop.

How do you multiply two strings together?

Multiply Strings in C++

  1. Taking two arguments x and y it indicates x divides y.
  2. if x < -Infinity and y = 1, then return infinity.
  3. a := |x|, b := |y| and ans := 0.
  4. while a – b >= 0. p := 0.
  5. if x > 0 is true and y > 0 is also true, then return ans, otherwise return (– ans)

How do I find a repeated character in a string?


  1. public class DuplicateCharacters {
  2. public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. String string1 = “Great responsibility”;
  4. int count;
  5. //Converts given string into character array.
  6. char string[] = string1.toCharArray();
  7. System.out.println(“Duplicate characters in a given string: “);

How do you print duplicate characters from a string in C#?

How to print duplicate characters in a String using C#? Set maximum value for char. static int maxCHARS = 256; Now display the duplicate characters in the string.