How do you get taming items in Ragnarok?

How do you get taming items in Ragnarok?

All Taming Items are obtainable from Endless Tower rewards and from the Exchange. All Taming Items except Contract In Shadow, Silver Knife of Chastity and Book of the Devil are also sold in the Pet Material Shop in South Prontera.

Where do I get a silver knife of chastity?

Sohee loves collecting these….

Silver Knife of Chastity
Source Moonlight Flower, Cat O’ Nine Tails, Ogretooth
Cost to buy
Cost to sell 6,000 Zeny

How do you tame a hunter fly?

Hunter Fly requires taming item Monster Juice. Food needed is Red Gemstone, and it can wear the accessory Monster Oxygen Mask. Hunter Fly gives Flee -5 and Perfect Dodge +2.

What is the easiest spirit beast to get?

Manasabers in suramar are spirit beasts, those are pretty easy to attain. The mana saber in suramar is the easiest. Spawn time is like 10 minutes. The porcupines in mop are also short spawn time but you have to get their health down to like a third before you can tame them.

How do you tame a Bongun?

To tame a Bongun, you will need Her Heart taming item. Her Heart can be created from 1 Girl’s Diary and 1 Daenggie. Once you obtained the two ingredients, simply talk to Munak’s Grandma found in Comodo (comodo 112, 182).

How do I level up my pet taming Rox?

To level up the pet, you need to increase its Favor. This is by petting your pet or giving them gift of their favorite foods. To increase the favor, just go to Pet, then click the monster and click the Interact. From here, you can give the pet favorite food or gifts.

Where can I buy Skoll?

Skoll is a worg Spirit Beast, located in Storm Peaks.

How do you tame a munak?

You will need No Recipient for Munak. To create the taming item, you need 1 Old Portrait and then take it to the Monster Tamer at Izlude Tool Shop (izlude_in 128, 64). Munak gives INT +1 and DEF +1. Old Portrait is dropped by Bongun at Payon Cave.