How can I check my Iqama expiry date?

How can I check my Iqama expiry date?

To check the expiry date of your Iqama, tap on your “Profile” in My Services and then tap on “My Iqama”. You will be able to see the date of expiration and other details.

How can I check my Iqama expiry date in Saudi Arabia?

Procedure to check Iqama Expiration date through MOL (Ministry Of Labor) inquiry service :

  1. Visit MOL website
  2. Select language to ‘English or Arabic’ from page top, Enter your ‘Iqama number’ and ‘Date of Birth’.

What is Iqama number?

Finding Your Iqama Number There will be a 10-digit numeric combination on the Iqama card. It may be at the bottom centre of the front page or below your picture. This is your Iqama number, which will help you search for your Iqama status online on the website of the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia.

How can I check my Iqama ID?

Go to the website and click the “Individual” button. Register if you haven’t already done so, then log in. From there, you should be able to view information about your iqama, including the expiry date.

How can I check my Iqama expiry date without Absher?

If you want to check the Iqama expiry date online without an Absher account, you can do so through the Ministry of Labor Website.

  1. Open this link.
  2. Change the language to English.
  3. Enter the Iqama number or Border Number.
  4. Enter the Date of Birth as per the Iqama.
  5. Write down the verification code.

What is Moi number in KSA?

To submit a report or security information to the Ministry of Interior, call (991). Or fax: 011-4052579. Or call emergency number (911), in Riyadh and Makkah regions.

How can I check my Iqama number using passport number?

MOL, Ministry of Labour Saudi Arabia, has a dedicated service to check iqama status with border number. You can also use a passport number for that….2nd-Method: Using Passport Number

  1. In the 2nd option, enter the Passport number.
  2. Provide your nationality and then a 6-digit captcha code.
  3. And hit the submit button.

How many years iqama expired?

The expiry date is five years for the Iqama card. After five years, Jawazat issues a new iqama card (id).

What happens if your Iqama expiry?

For the first instance the carrier fine is 10,000 S.R. and one month imprisonment. Second instance fine is 20,000 S.R. and three months imprisonment. Third instance fine is 30,000 S.R. and six months imprisonment. Fines are multiplied according to the number of individuals involved.

How can I check my Iqama by passport number?

What is card expiry date?

Expiration dates appear on the front or back of a credit card in a two-digit month/year format. Credit cards expire at the end of the month written on the card. For example, a credit card’s expiration date may read as 11/24, which means the card is active until the last day of November 2024.

Is the expiration date the last day?

What Is an Expiration Date? An expiration date is the last day that a consumable product such as food or medicine will be at its best quality, according to the manufacturer.

How can I check my Iqama red or green?

You can check the Iqama red green colour status or nitaqat colour category of your employer or company by visiting the Ministry of Labor (MOL KSA) website.

Can I stay in Saudi after Iqama expiry?

Saudi Expats are Allowed for 60 Days Grace Period for Final Exit Visa. Saudi Jawazat (GDP) has allowed some Saudi expats to remain in the Kingdom despite the expiry of their residency permits (Saudi Iqama) and despite the end of the relief offered by the “Nation without a Violator” campaign.

What is the penalty for expired iqama 2021?

Iqama Expiration Penalty Failure to renew an Iqama will result in an SR 500 first-time penalty and an SR 1,000 second-time penalty. Also, the holder of an iqama will face a fine and deportation in the event of third-time expiry.

How can I download Iqama copy?

  1. Go to a Muqeem website, and enter the login information using your username and password.
  2. Choose electronic transactions from the main menu, and then (Print Iqama).
  3. Select a postal address from the submenu.
  4. Enter the postal address (Wasel) to which you want to send the Iqama, then press (Save).

How do I know my card number?

The entire 16-digit numeric sequence on the front of the card is the card number. Your account number is part of that number. As described above, this is the seventh digit to the second-to-last digit for both debit and credit cards.

How can I check my Iqama number by passport number?

How can I check my sponsor name by Iqama number in Saudi Arabia?

How to Check your Sponsor Name on the Ministry of Labor Website

  1. Visit the MOL-KSA website.
  2. Select the sponsorship transfer option.
  3. Enter your Iqama Number.
  4. Click on the Search button.

What is the penalty for expired Iqama?

Can I go home with an expired Iqama?

Final Exit with an expired Iqama A final exit visa with an expired iqama can only be issued within 30 days of Iqama expiry. In order to do that; The sponsor will log in to his Ministry of Labor account. Select “issue work permit for the final exit”.

How to check iqama status in Saudi Arabia?

Iqama Status Check Via MOI Website. Iqama is the residence permit or identity card of Saudi Arabia witch shows you living permission in this country.

How do I check the validity of my iqama or Muqeem?

You can check the validity of your Iqama or Muqeem by logging into the Absher website, which requires registration. Read: How to register in Absher? The following steps will guide you through the process of checking your Iqama Validity via the Absher platform: From the top menu, select English. Enter your username and password to log in.

What is the iqama number of my account?

A. Basically, the iqama number is the identity of your account that consists of a set of numerical numbers. Furthermore, the iqama is the permission letter from the government to foreigners that show their identities and work. If you are an iqama holder, then you will find the expiry date easily through the red and green colors.

What fees can I pay for iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia?

And in last, you can pay any type of fee that you pay the government in exchange with services like Huroob fee, iqama renewal fee, kafeel fee, change profession fee and much more. Iqama Inquiry is very important in Saudi Arabia because if your iqama date expires, then you cannot eligible to avail of any service by the government.