How big is the O2 Academy Islington?

How big is the O2 Academy Islington?

17,000 square foot
O2 Academy Islington is situated in the heart of North London. Formerly The Marquee Club, the 17,000 square foot purpose built venue, with a capacity of 800 is situated in the N1 Centre and ensures a superb diary all year round from internationally acclaimed artists and new talent.

Is there parking at O2 Islington?

There is a 100 space car park in Angel Central, Parkfield Street, just off Upper Street and accessed via Berners Road (next to the Business Design Centre).

Is the O2 Academy seated?

O2 Academy2 Birmingham has a dedicated balcony as a viewing area. It’s also on the upper level and can be accessed by using our lift, or it’s two flights of stairs with turns. There’s room for four wheelchairs and four seats. O2 Academy3 Birmingham is our smallest venue.

Does the 02 Academy have a cloakroom?

O2 Academy2 Islington has cloakroom facilities just inside the main entrance doors.

What was the O2 Islington called?

the Carling Academy Islington
The O2 Academy Islington, formerly known as the Carling Academy Islington, is an indoor music venue situated in the N1 Shopping Centre accessible via Upper Street and Liverpool Road, in the London Borough of Islington. It is run by the Academy Music Group.

What was the O2 Academy called before?

the Carling Academy Glasgow
The O2 Academy Glasgow (formerly the Carling Academy Glasgow) is a music venue on Eglinton Street in the Gorbals (Laurieston) area of Glasgow.

Does Brixton Academy have parking?

Parking and by car Public transport is by far the easiest way to get to us, but if you are driving there’s a short-term car park in nearby Pope’s Road.

Is there a cloakroom at Brixton?

Cloakroom: Yes, upstairs. But bear in mind it’s a big venue, so you might want to pop up to collect your belongings before the gig ends. Admission: The low end is generally £20 or so for bands on their first Brixton visit.

Can I take a handbag into The O2?

You will be permitted to take an A4 size bag or smaller into the arena. One bag is allowed per person. We class small bags as no larger than A4 size or standard handbags. Backpacks, travel cases, laptop bags and large tote bags are NOT permitted inside the arena.

Can you take food into The O2?

Food and drink bought outside The O2 arena can’t be taken into The O2 arena.

Who has played at the O2 Islington?

Other notable performers who have played at the O2 Academy Islington include MELYS, Iron Butterfly, Molly Hatchet, Tesla, Dan Reed Network, Night Ranger, Isolated Islands, Bladee, Blackfoot, Queensrÿche, KISS, Kamelot, KSI, Spock’s Beard, Stratovarius, Terrorvision, Stryper, Winger, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen, Steve …

How many capacity is 02 Academy?

The O2 Academy Glasgow (formerly the Carling Academy Glasgow) is a music venue on Eglinton Street in the Gorbals (Laurieston) area of Glasgow. It holds 2,500 people. It is one of two Academy Music Group venues in Glasgow; the other venue is the O2 ABC Glasgow.

Is the O2 Academy the old dome?

In September 2009, the O2 Academy moved to the site of the former Dome II Nightclub located on Horsefair, Bristol Street. The decision to move to a brand new venue was decided twofold.

What was Carling Academy called?

Brixton Academy
Brixton Academy

Former names Astoria Variety Cinema (1929–39) Odeon Astoria (1939–72) Sundown Centre (1972) Fair Deal (1982) Brixton Academy (1983–2004) Carling Academy (2004–09)
Address 211 Stockwell Rd London SW9 9SL England
Location Brixton
Public transit Brixton Brixton

Is it safe to park in Brixton?

This is a very safe and secure carpark located in the heart of Brixton in Cold Harbour Lane, it is covered with metal fences and has a gate for security purposes. It is very close to the O2 Academy and is an ideal place to park close to shops and the station.

What time do gigs finish at O2 Brixton?

around 10:30-11.00pm
Shows tend to finish around 10:30-11.00pm Support bands tend to start from 7.30-8.00pm depending on the number of bands.

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Can you take bottled water into the O2?

Terms of Entry Food and drink cannot be brought into the venue. Bottle tops will be removed from all bottles purchased from concourse outlets or bars inside The O2 arena.

How old do you have to be to go to a concert in the O2?

Are there any age restrictions for The O2 arena? Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. Children under 16 cannot enter the standing area.

Can you take food and drink into The O2?

Food and drink bought outside The O2 arena can’t be taken into The O2 arena. Email us at [email protected] if you need to bring food or drink with you for medical or religious reasons. Tap water can be obtained from any of the food and drink outlets.

How much is a bottle of water at The O2?

O2 venue slammed for charging eye-watering £3.50 for 500ml bottle of water. A live music fan was gobsmacked to see a London venue charging £3.50 for a bottle of water.