Has the axion been found?

Has the axion been found?

Axions are a popular candidate in the search for dark matter. There have been previous searches for these hypothetical particles, all of which have come up with nothing. But recently the results of a new search for dark matter axions have been published…and has also found nothing.

Why is axion dark matter?

In the early universe, the value of the axion field begins to oscillate back and forth. The energy stored in these oscillations is axion dark matter. It is known that dark matter of any kind can only interact very weakly with light, or else it would have been seen by scientists already.

Who discovered the axion?

The axion is the most popular solution to the strong CP problem. It appeared first in a model proposed by Peccei and Quinn (5). Their idea was to promote ˉθ to a dynamical quantity, rather than simply a constant parameter as in the Standard Model.

Is dark matter made of axions?

With a mass above 10−11 times the electron mass (5 µeV/c²) axions could account for dark matter, thus be both a dark-matter candidate and a solution to the strong CP problem.

What is the role of the axion?

To solve the neutron problem, physicists in 1977 proposed a hypothetical particle called the axion. Five years later, the axion was found capable of solving the problem of dark matter as well.

What are axion like particles?

Axion-like particles (ALPs) are pseudo-scalar particles. They are generally very light, very weakly interacting and have a coupling to electromagnetism. They are abundant in string theory and are also predicted in many other BSM models.

Why are axions cold?

Cold dark matter candidates are non-relativistic, i.e. slow moving particles. axions are non-relativistic and therefore fall within the category of CDM. (CDM). This is a zero momentum condensate and so constitutes cold dark matter.

Are axions WIMPs?

Axions are even trickier than WIMPs. They’re theorized to be extremely light—a millionth of an electronvolt or so, about a trillion times lighter than the already tiny electron—making them next to impossible to produce or study in a traditional particle physics experiment.

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What does axion mean?

Definition of axion : a hypothetical subatomic particle of low mass and energy that is postulated to exist because of certain properties of the strong force.

Why are axions important?

Physicists have long hypothesized the existence of a minuscule particle called the axion that could single-handedly solve two mysteries. It could account for a puzzling property of quarks, the elementary particles inside protons and neutrons, and it could comprise the dark matter that fills the cosmos.

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How do you detect axion?

The Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) at the University of Washington uses a resonant cavity immersed in a superconducting (SC) magnet to detect the weak conversion of axions to microwave photons. Axions or ALPs produced by astrophysical objects could be detected by terrestrial telescopes.

Is dark matter attractive?

Dark matter has “ordinary” gravitational properties: it attracts other matter, and it attracts itself (i.e., each dark matter particle attracts each other one, as you’d expect). But it’s true that dark matter doesn’t seem to have collapsed into very dense structures — that is, things like stars and planets.

Do axions decay?

Axions are potentially detectable through their weak coupling to electromagnetism [60]. In the presence of a strong magnetic field, the axionic dark matter could resonantly decay into two photons.

Are SIMPs dark matter?

Strongly Interacting Massive Particles (SIMPs) have recently been proposed as light thermal dark matter relics.

Is dark energy the strong force?

Some physicists have proposed that dark energy is a fifth fundamental force — adding to the well-known gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear forces. This hypothesis has been put to the test by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Nottingham.

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Who invented tachyon?

Tachyons were first introduced into physics by Gerald Feinberg, in his seminal paper “On the possibility of faster-than-light particles” [Phys. Rev. 159, 1089—1105 (1967)]. E = m[1−(v/c)²]−½.

Do tachyons really exist?

Tachyons have never been found in experiments as real particles traveling through the vacuum, but we predict theoretically that tachyon-like objects exist as faster-than-light ‘quasiparticles’ moving through laser-like media.

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