What is Vaegir based on?

What is Vaegir based on?

Vaegirs are the second oldest faction after Swadia. This faction has been in the game since version 0.202. Though the titles of their lords are slavic, some of their clothing and equipment takes influence from the Caucasian and some West Turkic peoples.

How do I get the Vaegir guard?

Vaegir Guards are the top-tier infantry units in the Vaegir troop line, the other top tier units being Vaegir Marksmen and Vaegir Knights. They are obtained from upgrading Vaegir Infantry for 80 denars.

Are the Vaegirs good?

Sieges (defending) Firstly, Vaegirs have one of the best archers in the game, which makes them very effective at picking men off of ramparts. They are lightly armored though, so using Rhodok Sharpshooters will be effective in defending against them in sieges.

What are the Rhodoks based on?

The Rhodoks are based on the historical Italian city-states or general Mediterranean peoples, focused on durable and versatile footmen well-suited for forest combat. They are led by King Graveth. cavalry units.

Who are Rhodoks supposed to be?

Swadians are based off medieval French culture. Rhodoks are based off medieval Italian culture.

Who are the Sarranids based on?

A newcomer nation introduced in Mount&Blade Warband, the Sarranid nation occupies the south-eastern desert region of Calradia. The Sarranids are based heavily, in both culture and appearance, on Medieval Middle-Eastern civilization and the early Ottoman Arab-Turkish Empire.

Are Sturgians Vaegirs?

The sturgians are mainly Vaegirs with nords being the mercenary company that’s allied to them.

Who are the Vaegirs in Bannerlord?

The Vaegir Guard were an elite unit of mercenaries from Sturgia used by Emperor Arenicos as his personal bodyguard. A disgruntled Sturgian soldier-of-fortune described the Vaegir Guard as, “They were all about marching here and there in their pretty uniforms, not pulling sword from scabbard for months on end.”

What is the best faction in Mount and Blade Warband?

Geographically, Sarranids are the best-protected faction, with a mountain range that covers their whole territory except from three gaps near Weyyah Castle in the west, Jameyyed Castle in the centre and Sharwa Castle in the north east.

What is the best kingdom to join in Mount and Blade?

Number 1 – The Empire They have a lot of territory, but also a lot of governance issues. The Northern Empire is spread across mountainous areas with a large lake to the north side, meaning it is well protected. Not only that, but their economy is also one of the strongest in the game.

Who are the Swadians based on?

The Swadian nation is smack in the middle of Calradia, and so is at war on some front or the other. The Swadians are based on the historical English or Franco-Germanic Empires of the early Middle-Ages, and are led by King Harlaus.

Who is Swadia based on?

What culture is Swadia based on?

According to some, Swadians are English, for others French, for others German. The German analogy turns into a separate discussion in itself. There are people who consider Swadia entirely as the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the Duchy of Swabia because of its name resemblance.

What country is Swadia based on?

Who are the Khergits based off?

Khergit Khanate When they are called Turkish or Mongolian, one of the people will necessarily object to this situation. Those who want to stay away from the fight and noise, solve this by calling Khergits Turkic-Mongolian. They are similar in name to a tribe called Khereids (or Keraites) in history.

Is Sturgia a Nord?

The Sturgians are based on the Kievan Rus’, a polity in medieval eastern Europe consisting of Slavic peoples and some Varangians, who were Norse and mixed Norse-Slavic traders, warriors, and adventurers.

Who are the Vlandians based on?

The Vlandians are a feudal people that specialize in heavy cavalry; they are based on western European medieval kingdoms, particularly the Normans, Vandals and Goths.

Are the Rhodoks good?

Rhodok Sharpshooters are better than Vaegir Marksmen, because they can penetrate shields, and kill any unit (no matter what armor they have) in 1-2 shots, depending on how good their armor is, and depending on where they’re hit.

What is the weakest faction in Mount and Blade Warband?

Who is the weakest faction? Well, Swadia is usually due to their obsession with waging war on 3 fronts. But it depends on your game, whoever has the smallest amount of territory and whether or not they are waging war.

What is the strongest faction Warband?

Swadia has the best overall army composition, largely due to their notoriously strong cavalry. They have the strongest army, but the worst geography in the game.

What country is Rhodoks based on?

We can say that the Kingdom of Rhodoks is controversial, just like Swadia. In fact, they are more often asked who they are. In the forums, they are called Bavarian, French, British, Italian or even Kurdish.

What does Khergit mean?

The Khergits are masters of the open field, and should be used mostly with this purpose in mind.

Who are the Sturgians based on?

The Sturgians are based on the federation of city-states known as Kievan Rus, located in today’s Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Like many boomtowns, the Rus river cities attracted people from faraway lands.

What is Calradia based on?

The Calradic Empire, based on Greece, Rome, and Byzantium, once owned a massive amount of Calradia, but has since been weakened by invasions from other peoples and the onset of a three-way civil war.

Who are the Khuzait based on?

Khuzait Darkhan is based on real life turko-mongol warriors called Tarkhans, who were high ranking warriors in central Asian armies.

Who are the vaegir?

Vaegir troops prefer using two-handed weapons for an offensive advantage against their foes, and live in the mountainous and snowy north-eastern boundaries of the map. The claimant to the throne is Prince Valdym the Bastard . Their national animal is the snow leopard, which is depicted on their emblem and on the banner of their king, Yaroglek.

Who are the vaegirs in Warband?

The lords of the Vaegirs in Warband are called boyars, a title for lord in several Slavic languages. Not much known about Vaegir history but they have fought with the Nords when the Nords force the Northern coast of Calradia to pay Nordgeld, a yearly stipend after the Vaegir refuses to pay.

Are the vaegir better than The Sarranid Mamlukes?

It is argued that they are worse than Swadian Knights and Sarranid Mamlukes, however each troop has advantages over the other. The Vaegir’s two-handed weapons allow for consistently powerful hits against enemies, and their horses are typically more maneuverable breeds.

Who are the Kingdom of vaegirs?

Do you like this video? The Kingdom of Vaegirs is a faction ruled by King Yaroglek in the Mount&Blade series. The Vaegirs possess arguably the finest foot archers in the game, and also have several tiers of reasonably good infantry and heavy cavalry.