What is the intermembral index of an Old World monkey?

What is the intermembral index of an Old World monkey?

Paracolobus has an intermembral index of 92, similar to that of the living proboscis monkey and red colobus….13.4 Evolutionary Background of Human Body Shape.

Species Intermembral index Humerofemoral index
Chimpanzee (male) 108.0 101.1
Chimpanzee (female) 109.4 102

What is the intermembral index of a chimpanzee?

Chimpanzees have an intermembral index of 10612, meaning that their forelimbs are longer than their hindlimbs. A high intermembral index in chimpanzees reflects the fact that they rely heavily on their forelimbs for climbing and arm-hanging/swinging activities.

What does a large intermembral index mean?

evolution of primate being strictly quantitative, is the intermembral index. Briefly, the index is a ratio expressed as percentage of arm length to leg length; an index over 100 indicates relatively long arms.

What is the formula for finding the intermembral index of an animal?

The intermembral index (IMI) obtained from the ratio of forelimb length (humerus + radius): hindlimb length (femur + tibia) [23] has been suggested as a marker of specialization to VCL [39,76,82], and it has been demonstrated that a proportionally longer hind-limb (i.e. a low IMI) is linked to greater take-off speed [ …

Why is intermembral index a useful measurement when considering an animal locomotion?

The intermembral index is used frequently in primatology, since it helps predict primate locomotor patterns. For scores lower than 100, the forelimbs are shorter than the hind limbs, which is common in leaping primates and bipedal hominids.

What is the intermembral index of a baboon?


Common name Species Intermembral index
Yellow baboon P. cynocephalus 96
Hamadryas baboons P. hamadryas 95
Kinda baboon P. kindae

What does a low intermembral index mean?

What is an Intermembral IM index What does it tell us about locomotion?

The Intermembral Index is a measure of relative limb proportions that is commonly used in descriptions of living and fossil primates. The Intermembral Index is roughly correlated with locomotor habits of primate species. The International Encyclopedia of Primatology.

What is the intermembral index of a tarsier?


Common name Species Intermembral index
Western tarsier Cephalopachus bancanus 52
Dian’s tarsier Tarsius dentatus
Makassar tarsier T. fuscus