What is the code to test your phone?

What is the code to test your phone?

Get here the secret code for Android. Just dial *#*#2664#*#* for performing Touch-Screen test.

How do I open the test menu on Samsung?

Launching diagnostics is easy: just open your Phone app and type *#0*#. The phone should immediately open the diagnostic menu, shown below. Exiting the menu can be a little trickier, seeing as this menu disables some of your usual swipe functions.

What is the test code for Samsung?

Step 1: Open your phone’s dialer and dial the secret code *#0*#, and the diagnostic mode will open automatically. Step 2: Now, a list of options will appear on the HwModule Test screen. The list contains all the features of your phone that you can test on your own, including sensors.

What are Samsung secret codes?

Part 3: Samsung Galaxy Secret Code List

  • • Enter Light Sensor mode with this code – *#0589#
  • • Proximity Sensor – *#0588#
  • • Access all Wi-Fi Mac Addresses – *#*#232338#*#*
  • • For WLAN network – *#*#526#*#*
  • • For testing GPS – *#*#1472365#*#*
  • • Another test code for GPS testing – *#*#1575#*#*

How do I open Samsung engineer mode?

In general, Engineering mode, often known as Engmode, is an advanced additional menu on most Android devices….Samsung Engineering Mode Code

  1. Type *#0011# on the dial pad.
  2. A message will appear informing you that you have entered ‘Service Mode. ‘
  3. Select Key Input (on right corner of the screen)
  4. At last, Enter the ‘Q0’ key.

How do you check if the phone is new or used?

How to Check if Your Android Phone is Refurbished or Factory-New

  1. Tap your Phone app and open up the dialer.
  2. Using the touchscreen keypad, dial ##786# (aka ##RTN#). No need to press dial; the phone should automatically open up to the RTN screen.
  3. Scroll down the RTN screen to Reconditioned status.

What did *# 9900 do?

Some of the methods are listed below, use what works best for you. Open the phone dialer, dial *#9900# and select the 2nd option “Delete dumpstate/logcat” in the prompted menu. Select ok to ‘Delete Dump’ and hit exit. This will restore heaps of storage space by deleting all the log files in the device memory.

How do I check if a Samsung phone is original?

Just go to the dialer and enter the code: *#0*# or *#32489#. As soon as you type the same, the phone will automatically enter into its secret diagnostic mode and will display all the necessary information needed to check, if the phone is original or not.

How do I open RTN screen?