What is life like in a Thai prison?

What is life like in a Thai prison?

Former inmates have reported that these cramped sleeping conditions have had a toll on their health, reporting pain in their legs and back from being unable to move during the night. Prisoners also have reported having to sleep with their legs piled onto one another.

Do prisons provide condoms to inmates?

Despite overwhelming evidence that condom use prevents the transmission of HIV, US prison officials continue to limit the availability of condoms to incarcerated persons. Less than 1 percent of US correctional facilities provide condoms to inmates.

Was Bangkok Hilton a true story?

Among the 600 foreigners jailed in the ‘Bangkok Hilton’, one man resolves to do what no other has done: Escape. This is the true story of drug smuggler David McMillan’s perilous break-out from Thailand’s most notorious prison.

Do female prisoners get makeup?

Can you have makeup in prison? Believe it or not, most commissaries in women’s prisons do sell makeup, but the products are extremely limited. In the prison I was incarcerated in, they sold cheap liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer, mascara, and horrible shades of lipstick.

How long is a life sentence in Thailand?

Unlike to many European countries and some federal states in the U.S., life imprisonment in Thailand means imprisonment for the rest of the lifetime of the convict. In Europe and the United States, life imprisonment allows the possibility of future parole if the criminal is deemed to no longer a danger to society.

How many foreigners are locked up in Thailand?

Foreigners accounted for 4.6 percent of the prison population in September 2016. As of January 2020 14,275 foreign inmates from 103 countries were held in Thai prisons.

Why do they give condoms in jail?

Protection from infection was, unsurprisingly, the main reason for using condoms. We now elaborate on reasons some inmates do not always use condoms.

What was the Bangkok Hilton execution?

In 1993, David had been arrested in Bangkok’s Chinatown district and charged with heroin trafficking. He was convicted and thrown into the “Hilton” – a maximum security jail with up to 20,000 inmates, electrified concrete walls and a 16-metre moat as a perimeter.

Is there drugs in Thailand?

While Thailand is no longer a major source of any illicit drug, it is an important transit point for drugs originating in other Southeast Asian states. While yaa baa (a mixture of methamphetamines and caffeine) is the most widely consumed drug, crystal metham- phetamine use is rising.

How do you cut your nails in jail?

Nail clippers are not to be shared among inmates. Strict control and accounting of all nail clippers is maintained by corrections deputies. Fingernails and toenails must be kept clean and neatly trimmed. Nails must be kept short enough not to present a hazard to safety and security of the facility.

Does Thailand execute people?

Thailand retains the death penalty, but carries it out only sporadically. Since 1935, Thailand has executed 326 people, 319 by shooting (the latest on 11 December 2002), and 7 by lethal injection (the latest on 18 June 2018). As of March 2018, 510 people are on death row.

What do you get for murder in Thailand?

In Thailand, the Thai Criminal Code states that any person who kills another person shall be punished by death or imprisonment for a period of 15-20 years. Death in Thailand is classified as a capital punishment.

How are Thai prisons?

Thailand has the largest prison population in Southeast Asia, with about 282,000 inmates in its 143 jails, mostly on drug convictions. Jails are seriously overcrowded and do not meet international standards, according to a recent report by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).

Why do Indian jails use condoms?

NEW DELHI, Feb. 28 — A medical committee in India has advocated the distribution of condoms and needles to prisoners to prevent the spread of HIV infection among them, a report said Tuesday.

Who was the last person executed in Thailand?

The most recent execution occurred on 18 June 2018, when the death sentence of a 26-year-old man guilty of robbery resulting in death was carried out. This is the first execution in nine years and the man was the country’s seventh person to be executed by means of lethal injection.

Why is it called Bangkok Hilton?

The title of the mini-series is the nickname of a fictional Bangkok prison in which the main protagonist (Nicole Kidman) is imprisoned, a mordant reference to Hanoi Hilton, the nickname used for a prison used by North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

How often must an inmate wash his hair?

INMATE’S PERSONAL HYGIENE b. Inmates in special management units have the opportunity to shave and shower at least three (3) times per week, and have access to hair care services, clothing and linen exchange and commissary on the same basis as the general population to include hygiene products. c.

What is punishable by death in Thailand?

Thai law permits the imposition of a death sentence for 35 crimes, including treason, murder, and drug trafficking.