What is HO scale size?

What is HO scale size?

3.5 mm to 1 foot
HO or H0 is a rail transport modelling scale using a 1:87 scale (3.5 mm to 1 foot). It is the most popular scale of model railway in the world. The rails are spaced 16.5 millimetres (0.650 in) apart for modelling 1,435 mm (4 ft 81⁄2 in) standard gauge tracks and trains in HO.

What does HO mean in HO scale?

Half O
The designation HO stands for “Half O”. Of course if it was actually one-half of O scale it would be 1/96th, but because HO is actually a metric based scale and O is based on English units of measure the fractions become awkward. The model railroading industry says HO is “approximately half O”. N Scale – 1:160.

How far apart should HO track be?

The standard distance between two parallel HO tracks has always been 2″ which roughly equates to 14 scale feet. That amount allows people to walk between cars easily. On curves it should be at least 2.25 – 2.375″ to allow long engines & cars to pass each other w/o their ends hitting each other.

Which is better N scale or HO scale?

This layout is HO scale but you can achieve the same look in N scale if you wish. You can get started in either one inexpensively, but N scale is cheaper than HO scale. That said, the trains are the cheaper element. An N scale layout is no cheaper than a comparable sized HO layout.

Which is better HO or O scale?

O scale is obviously a much larger commitment—HO scale is half the size, and is one of the most popular scales due to its relatively easy entry point. Smaller scales, therefore, can be ideal for beginners, but larger scales allow you to create much more detail and realism in your layouts.

What is the difference between OO and HO?

HO gauge, the most popular size in Europe, are model trains with a scale of 1:87 or 3.5mm to the foot. OO gauge, made famous by Hornby, are model trains with a scale of 1:87 or 3.5mm to the foot for track and a scale of 1:76 or 4mm to the foot for the locomotive bodies and other models on a layout.

Can OO gauge run on HO track?

So can OO trains run on HO track? Yes. Recapping on the explanation above, OO and HO gauge railways both have a track width of 16.5mm so the OO train will run on HO track.

How high should a train layout be?

For someone around this height to be able to bend over the layout and taking into account practicality and comfort, the optimum height for a model railway baseboard is 85cm to 132cm (2.7ft to 4.3ft or 33.4 to and 52 inches).

What is the minimum radius for HO scale big boy?


DCC: Equipped
FULL ROADNAME: Union Pacific
MIN. RADIUS: 22 inch
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years

Who makes the best HO track?

Atlas has been the foremost HO solid nickel silver rail track producer in the United States for 70 years. Extensive product lines include Code 100, (. 100” rail height), code 83 (. 083” rail height) and Code 83 roadbed True-Track.

What is cheaper N scale or HO scale?

N and HO scales are the two most common worldwide standards for model trains an common question for those thinking about this wonderful hobby then is which is cheaper. The answer is undoubtedly that while both are inexpensive to started, N scale is cheaper than HO scale in the long run.