What does the saying to say the least mean?

What does the saying to say the least mean?

Not to exaggerate, as in When the ring turned up in the lost and found, she was delighted, to say the least. This idiom was first recorded in 1809.

What to say instead of to say the least?

Synonyms of ‘to say the least’ in British English

  • at the very least.
  • without any exaggeration.
  • to put it mildly.

How do you use to say the least in a sentence?

To-say-the-least sentence example

  1. This sparked furious protests, with both camps becoming extremely agitated to say the least .
  2. She actually looked quite scary to say the least .
  3. Progress again here has been slow, and news feeds from the club remain sporadic to say the least .

What does it mean to say the less?

Definition of to say the least —used to emphasize a statement She was not happy, to say the least.

What is the meaning of in the least?

in the smallest degree
At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context. For example, I don’t care in the least what you do with the money, or It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether or not you attend.

What does Lest mean in modern English?

for fear that
Definition of lest : for fear that —often used after an expression denoting fear or apprehension worried lest she should be latehesitant to speak out lest he be fired.

What is the synonym of understatement?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for understatement, like: less than the truth, modest statement, underestimate, overstatement, restrained statement, litotes, restraint, distortion, avoidance of overemphasis or exaggeration, belittlement and null.

How do you use less and least?

Less and least are used to talk about inequality by focusing on the ‘lower’ end of the cycle. Less is the comparative form. It is followed by than. Least is the superlative form.

Is it rude to say say less?

If someone is telling you to say less, they are not being rude or condescending if they use this phrase. They are simply telling you that you talk too much and they want you to stop doing so. Don’t take their words personally.

What part of speech is least?

LEAST (adjective, adverb, determiner, pronoun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does least likely mean?

The phrase ‘least likely’ refers to a scenario that has the slightest probability of occurring in relation to other events.

When should we use lest?

for fear that; so that (one) should not (used negatively to introduce a clause expressive of an action or occurrence requiring caution): He kept his notes by his side lest faulty memory lead him astray. that (used after words expressing fear, danger, etc.): There was danger lest the plan become known.

Is the word lest still used?

One of these survivors is the continued use of “lest” with the subjunctive. A few examples: “He was quiet, lest he wake the baby” … “I hurried, lest I be late” … “She’s always on time, lest she lose her job.” Any of those could be written instead with “should,” as in “lest he should wake the baby.”

What is the synonym of hyperbole?

exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, amplification, embroidery, embellishment, overplaying, excess, overkill. informal purple prose, puffery. understatement.

What is a synonym for personification?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for personification, like: imagery, embodiment, prosopopoeia, exteriorization, manifestation, anthropomorphism, archetype, allegory, antithesis, sublimity and substantiation.

Is lesser grammatically correct?

“Lesser than” would be incorrect since “lesser” and “than” both imply a comparison, which makes them redundant when used together. It would have to either be “less than” or “lesser” only.

When did say less become popular?

While say less’s exact origin is unknown, the phrase appears to have become popular in the early 2010s. The earliest Urban Dictionary entry for say less was entered in 2011. In 2017, Toronto-based musician Roy Woods released an album titled Say Less.

Who Started say less?

The single was produced by DJ Mustard, and was written by Ashanti and Ty Dolla $ign. It is an R&B, club, and West Coast hip hop song whose lyrics are about someone telling critics to mind their own businesses; Ashanti and Ty Dolla $ign also flirt with one another on the track.

Which is correct at least or atleast?

Writing “atleast,” is a common error that depicts the correct phrase “at least” as a single term. The only proper use is the two-word phrase, “at least,” which is a phrase that combines the preposition “at” and the noun or adverb “least” to mean “at minimum.”

What kind of word is least?

adjective, a superlative of little, with less or lesser as comparative. smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.; slightest: He gave the least amount of money of anyone.

Is lest a real word?

How do I use lest in a sentence?

Examples of ‘lest’ in a sentence lest

  1. Most politicians try to limit their association with hogs, lest people get the wrong idea.
  2. He was in terrible fear lest it should conquer him.
  3. We struggle to fix our focus and perfect our timing lest one of them drop.

Is lest Old English?

lest (conj.) c. 1200, “that not,” especially “for fear that” [OED calls it a negative particle of intention], from a contraction of the Old English phrase þy læs þe “the less that,” from þy, instrumental case of demonstrative article þæt “that” + læs (see less) + conjunction þe (see the).

What’s another word for oxymoron?

What is another word for oxymoron?

paradox contradiction
dichotomy incongruity
inconsistency conflict
anomaly oddity
absurdity conundrum

What puffery means?

Definition of puffery : exaggerated commendation especially for promotional purposes : hype.