The writing of admission essay skills as key factors of getting into college

Admission essays make a big difference in wither or not you get accepted, so this will be a life-changing composition.

Reasons why it is so important to be able to write good Admission essay?

If you are considered to be a student, whose grades and social activities throughout the high school have been good but not outstanding. Admission officer will probably be comparing your essay to the other 99. What would you need to make them choose you – a miracle? No. All other 99 applicants have the same qualifications as you, same GPA, the same amount of extracurricular activities, few recommendations from teachers. In this case, your essay is the biggest opportunity and almost only option for you being noticed and given chance.

Another example of how admission essay help you to get into college is going to be about students, who do not have perfect grades or recommendations. Their GPA can be lower than required and test scores – not outstanding at all. So how would college accept them in this case? Sometimes admission officers give chance to few students with lower qualifications to give sort of a break to students who stand out in a non-academic way, who look like they might do something really special if given a chance. They might bring something special to this college. They might be deep thinkers, who are having a bad situation in their families. Or they can also be useful to the group of other students, as they can bring another point of view to the conversations and debates during class. One way to see those special students is their admission essay.

Think of the admission essay as an opportunity to stand in front of the committee and have 3 minutes to have a conversation with them without being interrupted. You do not need to describe your whole life or everything about your school activities. What you will tell is something that sets you apart from others and makes you an interesting person with the potential be just right for their school. So you should always remember about essay structure.

The way you follow the plan of admission essay as the key factor of writing skill

You already know everything about writing essays from English classes. The basic rules are all the same and should be given to you by your teachers:

  • Write effectively;
  • Compose emotionally and vivid (use your “voice”);
  • Proofread for conventions errors.

But what will make you a good admission essay writer? There are two main factors in getting this skill.

1. Structure

Keep your essay within the standard structure – keep it simple and logical, so there is no “water” in it and unnecessary information that will keep the committee away from the idea and your personality.

The structure is:

  • Hook and the thesis at the end of it. Hook would be something that you want to highlight and make a guideline of your essay. Thesis – is the main question you want to answer. In this case – Why this school should admit you?
  • The body of your essay should talk about why they should choose you. Do not talk a lot about things that are already in your application, the committee already knows your test results and GPA. Show them you “face”, your personality through the body of your essay;
  • The conclusion should be precise. It is better to tell that you will be happy if you’ll get the opportunity to show what great things you could do with the education you a looking forward to.

2. Start Early

The second thing in getting your essay writing skill is crucial in every way to look at it. You have to START early! And do not trick yourself by saying that you are writing better under pressure. Your admission essay should be written within a maximum comfortable period of time, so you could do a few drafts and then pick one.

Only the skill of writing a good admission essay can really show your personality to the officers. Your essay will tell them, why you should be admitted. They want to see your human face, not just your scores and GPA. So your essay should tell them that you are a smart human being, not just a robot, trying to tell them what they want to hear. And if they would give you an opportunity to study in their school, after you graduate, you would go and do great things with your education.