Is Korg discontinuing the Kronos?

Is Korg discontinuing the Kronos?

It appears that after 11 years, Korg have decided to discontinue the KRONOS line of music workstations, leaving the Nautilus as their new “top of the heap.” “Synthesizers / Keyboards” section of Korg’s web site.

Is Korg Kronos a good keyboard?

Korg is revered when it comes to talking about keyboard workstations. It is something they do very well and the Korg Kronos 88 is their very best workstation and it is an extremely powerful machine. This is used by a ton of professional musicians who are touring and also recording in studios.

What is the difference between Korg Kronos and Korg Kronos LS?

Korg has unveiled the Kronos LS, a new version of its flagship workstation that features an all-new 88-note light touch keyboard. This promises the power of Kronos in a lighter package, with the LS weighing in at less than 40lbs (that’s 14lbs lighter than the Kronos 2 88).

Is Korg Kronos weighted?

Flagship RH3 Weighted Hammer Action Both the 88- and 73-key KRONOS models use KORG’s finest RH-3 Real Weighted Hammer Action. Offering an authentic and accurate piano feel, there are four zones, ranging from heavier to lighter, to provide a more true piano playing experience.

Is Korg Nautilus better than KRONOS?

The Nautilus is, in essence, a Kronos that has gained a polyphonic arpeggiator but has lost KARMA, aftertouch, a wealth of top panel controls and about a third of the price. Although it looks a bit Spartan, it clearly sits between the top end of the Krome range and the Kronos itself, although much closer to the latter.

Where is the Korg Kronos made?

Made in JAPAN. Available in 61 , 73 & 88 Piano action weighted keys featuring the legendary RH3 keybed. When ambition, imagination, and technology converge—the results are spectacular. Witness KRONOS.

What is the latest version of Korg Kronos?

KRONOS – System Updater v3. 1.4 is now available!

What is the latest version of Kronos?

Kronos recently released Workforce Central Version 8.0. 11. The new and improved platform boasts optimized user experience, enhanced industry capabilities and Global Deployments, as well as intuitive and accessible reporting and analytics.

Are there different versions of Kronos?

There are 61-, 73-, and 88-key versions of the Kronos, with the latter two employing graded hammer action keys, and the former synth action keys. The Kronos has a 16-track MIDI sequencer combined with a 16-track 24-bit audio recorder.