How tall is Kancolle?

How tall is Kancolle?

Findings: Tallest BB: Iowa (no surprise)… 207.1 cm/6’10” and 100.3 kg/221.1 lbs.

How old is Kashima Kantai Collection?

Kantai Collection abbreviated as KanColle, is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game developed by Kadokawa Games. The game was launched on April 23, 2013. As of April 2015, the game is available in Japan only and has 3 million registered players.

Is there a male character in Kantai Collection?

In Kantai Collection, as the subtitled says, “Combined Fleet Girls Collection” have all their fleet depicted as girls, known as “Fleet girls”, or kanmusu. In anime, and probably in game as well, the only guy is the admiral, and he doesn’t look like one of the fleet at all.

Is Kancolle still region locked?

It is nominally region locked to Japan but anyone outside Japan can play by jumping through a few hoops. Please read the FAQ for additional help. If you are still having problems registering, you can try the Kancolle Wiki Discord for further assistance.

Is KanColle a Gacha?

Unlike other online games in Japan, Kantai Collection was designed with the intention of not forcing the player to spend money or participate in “gacha” lotteries.

What anime is Iowa from?

the Kantai Collection series
Iowa is a character and one of the heroes from the Kantai Collection series who was implemented into the game on the 3rd of May, 2016 as the E-7 reward of the Spring 2016 Event.

Does Kashima like Hori?

Their relationship is very close, to the point where they easily get along and often are the first person the other thinks of, but Hori also turns violent when Kashima skips out on club activities or insults him unintentionally. Despite this, she deeply respects and admires him.

What anime is Shimakaze from?

Kantai Collection
Origins. Shimakaze is a character in the anime, Kantai Collection.

What anime is Zuikaku from?

Zuikaku (Japanese: 瑞鶴 “Auspicious Crane”) is a character and one of the heroes from the Kantai Collection series who was implemented into the game on the 15th of May, 2013.

Do I need a VPN to play KanColle?

VPN or Proxy Note that VPN/Proxy is only required during login (the real gadget server will be accessed via a Japanese IP address) and can be disabled afterward (game servers do not require a Japanese IP).

Is Iowa in Azur lane?

Iowa-class battleship BB-62 USS New Jersey will appear in Azur Lane through the upcoming third major Eagle Union event. Azur Lane’s English and Japanese Twitter accounts have confirmed the new shipgirl, whose real-life counterpart still exists as a museum ship in Camden, will have the highest Ultra Rare rarity.

How many ships are in Kancolle?

This term sometimes refers only to Standard Aircraft Carriers. There are 274 kanmusus (sans remodels & class changes) as of the 27/05/2022 update….Ship Type Identification.

In-game tab Aircraft Carriers
Class 正規空母
Standard Aircraft Carrier
Abbreviation 空母

Does Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun have romance?

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is about a girl named Chiyo who tries to confess to her crush. He misunderstands her confession and decides to take her as his assistant, because, as it turns out, he is a romance manga author, and he seeks inspiration from the people he knows to create his characters.

How many seasons are there of Nozaki-kun?

While the manga is still ongoing, its anime adaptation only received a single 12-episode season by Studio Doga Kobo. Here’s why Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun still deserves a second season for its originality and comedic genius.

Is Shimakaze a guy or a girl?

Appearance. Shimakaze is depicted as a female humanoid appearing as a fair-skinned, skinny and slim young teenage girl with a flat-chest and grey eyes.

What show is Fubuki from?

Fubuki, also known by her hero alias Blizzard of Hell, is a major protagonist of the webcomic-turned anime/manga series One Punch Man. She is an esper, the younger sister of Tatsumaki and the leader of the B-Class hero group, “The Blizzard Group”.

How did Zuikaku sink?

Zuikaku (Japanese: 瑞鶴 “Auspicious Crane”) was the second and last Shōkaku-class aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) shortly before the beginning of the Pacific War….Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku.

Empire of Japan
Fate Sunk by air attack in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, 25 October 1944
General characteristics (as built)

What is a Hoppou?

“Hoppou” means “northern” in Japanese, a shortening of the name “Northern Princess”.

Are DMM games safe?

As part of its privacy policy, traffic is first passed through a secure network to conceal the user’s identity. Therefore, when playing a DMM game, you can be assured that no one will get your true IP address. The VPN service also ensures that the traffic from users cannot be decrypted in the future.

Can you play kantai collection outside of Japan?

Can you play KanColle in the US?

Is KanColle available?

KanColle is now available on both Browser and Android!