How Much is a Austin-Healey 3000 worth?

How Much is a Austin-Healey 3000 worth?

A: The average price of a Austin-Healey 3000 – Mk III is $62,662.

Are Austin Healeys still made?

Austin-Healey cars were produced until 1972 when the 20-year agreement between Healey and Austin came to an end.

Were Austin Healeys expensive?

Of all the British sports cars ever made the Austin-Healey 3000 series are amongst the most iconic and most desirable, despite the fact that they were by no means the most expensive nor even the most sophisticated.

How much is a Healy car?

The average price of a Austin-Healey is $47,390.

How fast is an Austin-Healey 3000?

Austin-Healey 3000

Performance (approximate figures)
Model Mk I Mk II
Top Speed 113 mph 116 mph
0-60 mph 11.4 seconds 10.5 seconds
Fuel Consumption 20 mpg 20 mpg

How much is a 1966 Austin Healey?

1966 Austin-Healey 3000 – Mk III

1966 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII 39,198 mi · Manual · LHD · Restored-Original Philadelphia, PA, USA FOR SALE $85,000 NOT FOLLOWING 
1966 Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII Sport Convertible Manual · LHD · Restored-Original Las Vegas, NV, USA $55,000 SOLD NOT FOLLOWING 

Are Austin Healeys fast?

Austin-Healey claimed it could exceed 115 mph. 91.5 per cent of all 1963 Austin Healey 3000 cars were exported mostly to North America.

How fast is a Austin-Healey 3000?

By the end of its run, power was up to 148bhp, propelling the car to 60 mph in under ten seconds and allowing a top speed of over 120mph. The 3000 was discontinued in 1968. Today the Austin Healey 3000 probably remains the best known of all the so called Big Healeys.

Are Austin Healeys a good investment?

A decent big Healey makes for brilliant driving, and it’s a great investment, too. Yet solid specimens are rarer than you might think; here’s how to find a good one.

How much is a 1954 Austin Healey worth?

1954 Austin-Healey 100 – BN1

1954 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 56,796 mi Winchester, VA, USA $68,000 SOLD NOT FOLLOWING 
1954 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 Roadster 500 mi Beauce-Sartigan, QC, CAN $62,000 SOLD NOT FOLLOWING 
1954 Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 Fernandina Beach, FL, USA $76,160 SOLD NOT FOLLOWING 

What engine is in a Healey 3000?

C-Series I6
The 3-litre 3000 was a highly successful car, which won its class in many European rallies in its heyday and is still raced in classic car competitions by enthusiasts today….

Austin-Healey 3000
Engine 2,912 cc (2.9 L) C-Series I6
Wheelbase 92 in (2,337 mm) Track 49 in (1,245 mm) (front)

How much horsepower does a Austin-Healey 3000 have?

Austin-Healey 3000

Specifications (typical)
Engine 6 cyl inline 2912cc 6 cyl inline 2912cc
Power 124 bhp @ 4600 rpm 148 bhp @ 4750 rpm
Torque 175lb ft @ 3000 rpm 165lb ft @ 3000 rpm
Gearbox 4 speed with overdrive 4 speed with overdrive

How many Big Healeys were made?

In all, nearly 79,000 Big Healeys were made and the 3000 accounted for 60 per cent of those.

How Much is a Austin-Healey 100 worth?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $18,750 for a 1955 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 Race Car on September 28 2020. Q: What is the average sale price of a 100? A: The average price of a 100 is $81,993.

What is the most sought after Austin-Healey?

Bonhams : The World’s most valuable Austin-Healey restored to its former glory unveiled at Bonhams. NOJ 393 – the ex-Works 1953-55 Austin-Healey Special Test Car/100S – realised a world record £843,000 when sold by Bonhams in December 2011, despite being untouched since the 1960s and presenting in ‘barn find’ state.

How Much is a Austin Healey 100 worth?

How much is a 1955 Austin Healey worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
100M Roadster $62,700
Sport Roadster $66,785
Sport Roadster $74,629

Is an Austin Healey a good investment?

What is an Austin Healey 100 worth?

How much is a brand new Austin Healey?

The price of the Austin Healey 100 depends upon the condition of the car. As this car is very rare nowadays, most of them can only be found in auctions. To bid in auctions, you are going to need somewhere between $83K (£60,000) to $111K (£80,000).

How much horsepower does an Austin-Healey 3000 have?

Who owns the Austin car brand?

Austin Motor Company

Official marque logo, revised by current owners SAIC.
Product type Automotive marque
Owner SAIC
Discontinued 1987
Previous owners Austin Motor Company (1905–1952) BMC (1952–1967) British Leyland (Austin Rover) (1967–1988) Rover Group (1988–2005)

Who owns Aston Martin now?

Gauntlett bought a 12.5% stake in Aston Martin for £500,000 via Pace Petroleum in 1980, with Tim Hearley of CH Industrials taking a similar share. Pace and CHI took over as joint 50/50 owners at the beginning of 1981, with Gauntlett as executive chairman.

When did Aston Martin return to racing?

In December 2003, Aston Martin announced it would return to motor racing in 2005. A new division was created, called Aston Martin Racing, which became responsible, together with Prodrive, for the design, development, and management of the DBR9 program.

What is the Aston Martin Volante Vision?

In July 2018, Aston Martin unveiled the Volante Vision Concept, a luxury concept aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Also in July, a Lego version of James Bond’s DB5 car was put on sale and an Aston Martin-branded watch was released in collaboration with TAG Heuer.

What happened to Aston Martin after WW2?

Financial problems reappeared in 1932. Aston Martin was rescued for a year by Lance Prideaux Brune before passing it on to Sir Arthur Sutherland. In 1936, Aston Martin decided to concentrate on road cars, producing just 700 until World War II halted work. Production shifted to aircraft components during the war.