How do I set up alerts and email notifications in Rtmt?

How do I set up alerts and email notifications in Rtmt?


  1. Log in RTMT Tool.
  2. Choose System > Performance > Open Performance.
  3. Add the Resource Available counter from Cisco MTP Device from the Tree.
  4. Specify an Instance/ Device to monitor – Double-click it to monitor the counter.

How do I create a custom alert in Rtmt?

Select the counter you wish to use to create a custom alert and double-click to begin monitoring. Select the counter graph in the main RTMT pane, right-click and select Set Alert/Properties… Enter a Description and Recommended Action for the alert and choose a Severity then click Next.

How do I collect logs from Rtmt?

Login into RTMT with your CM Administration account.

  1. Under the System panel, Select Trace & Log Central.
  2. From the Collect files window select the type of log file that you are interested in.
  3. Select the time range you would like to gather the files from.

What is Rtmt in Cisco?

The Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT), which runs as a client-side application, uses HTTPS and TCP to monitor system performance, device status, device discovery, and CTI applications for Cisco Unity Connection. RTMT can connect directly to devices via HTTPS to troubleshoot system problems.

How do I turn off Rtmt alerts?

You use Alert Central to view the status and history of the alerts that RTMT generates. By using the following procedure, you can perform tasks, such as access Alert Central, sort alert information, enable, disable, or remove an alert, clear an alert, or view alert details. icon. Choose Tools > Alert > Alert Central.

How do I access Rtmt Internet?

Launch the Web RTMT Device Search page. For more information, see View the Web RTMT Device Search Page. From the Device Search drop-down list, select a device type. From the Search By drop-down list, select a value.

How do I access Rtmt Cucm?

on your management PC open a webpage to your CUCM and navigate to Application > Plugin. in the next screen either accept the default location to install the software, or select somewhere acceptable to install the RTMT software.

What is Rtmt in Cucm?

The Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) runs as a client application on your local PC and monitors real-time behavior of your system components. The client can be installed by downloading the file from CUCM Application -> Plugins page. It is available for both Windows- and Linux-based PCs or laptops.

How do I install Rtmt?

What is Cisco AMC service?

The Process amc (Cisco) service monitors the Alert Manager and Collector service for the Cisco Unified Communication server. The Alert Manager and Collector is used for the real-time monitoring tool (RTMT).

How do I download Rtmt from Cucm?

How do I check my CUCM cluster status?

You will need to log in to CUCM CLI using OS ADMIN credentials.

  1. When you logged in make sure the partitions are in an aligned state.
  2. Use the command “show status”
  3. The command “show network cluster” will give an insight of the number of nodes in the cluster.

Where can I download Rtmt?

You can download the latest plug-ins for Unified RTMT from After installing the plug-in, you can access the application in Unifed RTMT.

How can I check my Cucm service status?

To verify that all the activated services are running, from the menu select Tools > Control Center – Feature Services. On this page the status (Started or Not Running) and activation status (Activated or Deactivated) of each service can be checked.

Where do I download Rtmt?

What is CUC cluster?

utils cuc cluster overwritedb – copies data from the publisher to the subscriber. utils cuc cluster renegotiate – used when a publisher is being replaced to join the new publisher to the cluster and then copy over the database from the subscriber to the publisher.

How do I see what services are running in CUCM?

Basic check-up of a CUCM server

  1. show status. If you need to analyse any problem, this is the first command to begin with.
  2. show tech network hosts.
  3. utils ntp status.
  4. utils service list.
  5. utils dbreplication runtimestate.
  6. run sql SELECT count(*) from enduser.
  7. utils core active list.
  8. file dump install system-history.log.

Where can I buy Cisco Rtmt?

You can download the latest plug-ins for Unified RTMT from After installing the plug-in, you can access the application in Unifed RTMT. Step 1 Choose Application > CCO Voice Tools Download. The Login Prompt appears.

How do I download Rtmt from Call Manager?

How do you collect packet capture in Cucm?

Log in to the RTMT and choose these options:

  1. System > Tools > Trace > Trace & Log Central > Collect Files > Check the Packet Capture Logs check box.
  2. – file list activelog /platform/cli/*
  3. – file get activelog /platform/cli/
  4. Call Manager Phones.

What is SDL link in Cucm?

SDL link is the TCP connection that enables intra cluster communication between cucm servers.

How do I get packet captures from IP phone?

Collecting a packet capture from a Cisco IP Phone

  1. Connect the Cisco IP Phone. There should be a PC connected to the back of the IP phone in the PC port, and the phone connected to the Switch.
  2. Enable the Span to PC port feature.
  3. Capture the packets with wireshark.

What’s the difference between SDI and SDL traces?

SDL traces track communication between the CallManagers, whereas SDI traces track internal CallManager processing. Enabling traces decreases system performance; therefore, enable higher-level trace only for troubleshooting.