Does scandal have a soundtrack?

Does scandal have a soundtrack?

Scandal Soundtrack: Seasons 1-4 (Music Inspired by the TV Series) by Various artists on Amazon Music –

What song was playing when Olivia Pope was kidnapped?

The episode featured the songs “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder and “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb. The episode focuses solely on Olivia’s kidnapping as she is kidnapped from her apartment and being held hostage in a building for several weeks.

What is the last song on scandal?

Gladiator Stevie Wonder debut a new song “Future Sunny Days” on the series finale. Wonder’s music has been a frequent favorite with many of his songs on Shonda Rhimes personal playlist.

What song always plays in Scandal?

Placing the storyline in Washington, D.C., with Olivia Pope on the scene, the show presses play on Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me” and Nina Simone’s “I Shall Be Released” — two artists known for their personal activism on behalf of the Black community, and two songs that speak to what the conscience of a nation should …

What Stevie Wonder song was played on Scandal?

Patsavas cited a scene featuring Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” in season 4 as one of her favorite song selections of the series. “I had not had the great privilege of licensing Stevie Wonder a lot before Scandal,” she said.

Who leaked Olivia’s name?

Fitz, upon hearing the news goes to Mellie where he learns that she was the one who conceived the plan to leak another woman’s name since she realized that Fitz had leaked Olivia’s name hoping that by introducing her to the public and having Mellie by his side he could eventually leave Mellie and be with Olivia.

What’s the age difference between Olivia and Fitz?

Fitz is 51 written as 15. Mellie is 40 written as 16. And Olivia is prob. 35 written as 12.

Why was Olivia kidnapped?

Andrew Nichols kidnapped Olivia Pope in order to start a war with The United States of America and West Angola. Olivia Pope was kept in Pennsylvania with Ian Woods, Gus and their associates. Fitz tells Andrew that he wants proof of life or he won’t give him the war.

Who chose the music for Scandal?

Say hello to Alex Patsavas, 45, the megawatt music supervisor who’s tricked-out the soundtracks to your favorite shows over the years, from The O.C. to Grey’s Anatomy to Gossip Girl (and, yes, she still buys CDs). Tune in. What can we say that Phoebe hasn’t already said and GIF’d in her Scandal recaps?

What is the theme song of Scandal?

Even in this digital age, I still collect CDs. I like to look at the artwork and liner notes.” My favorite musical moment on Scandal was: “When we used the Album Leaf’s The Light’ for the first romantic scene between Fitz and Olivia; now it’s their theme song.

Who did the music for Scandal?

Songs on “Scandal” come to fruition in a few different ways, but mainly it’s veteran music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (who worked with Rhimes on her other show, “Grey’s Anatomy”) sending her “comps” to peruse. “[It’s] all the songs she thinks are clearable, interesting and good,” says Rhimes.

Who leaked the photos of Fitz and Olivia?

Turns out Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) leaked photos of Olivia and the president, and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) totally called her out. Weirdly, all Abby wants out of the situation is to be Elizabeth’s equal/BFF, so guess it all worked out in the end. You know, minus Olivia and Fitz’s relationship going public.

How did Mellie find out about Olivia?

Season 3, Episode 17 Olivia knows that Mellie wanted to do a paternity test for one of her kids and she confronts her about it. But midway through the heated argument, Olivia turns. She realizes things don’t add up, that Mellie would never be this careless.

What did Huck do to Andrew?

Thursday night’s episode of Scandal brought back the character of Andrew Nichols, former Vice President. Andrew was responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping in Season Four, after which, Huck caused him to have a stroke by injecting him in the back.

Who kills Andrew Nichols?

Olivia Pope
Season Five Andrew Nichols was murdered by Olivia Pope, when Andrew refused to take the Ten million dollars that he demanded and threatened to kidnap Olivia again. Olivia killed Andrew by hitting him repeatedly over the head with a metal chair that was in the The Bunker; where Andrew was being kept.

Why did Queen write Scandal?

“Scandal”, written by Brian May, but credited to Queen, is about the unwanted attention May and lead singer Freddie Mercury received from the press in the late 1980s, involving May’s divorce from his first wife, Chrissie Mullen, and his relationship with actress Anita Dobson and growing media speculation about …

Who leaked that Olivia was sleeping with the president?

Picking up 22 minutes after the finale, “It’s Handled” dealt with the immediate fallout of Olivia (Kerry Washington) being revealed as Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) mistress and the huge reveal that Rowan (Joe Morton), the head of B613, is Olivia’s father.

Who leaked Olivia to the press?

Why did Olivia killed Rashad?

Why were they murdered? After Rashad was overthrown by his people, Olivia made an agreement with the rebels to have him killed in order to secure a nuclear arms treaty.

Why did Andrew have Olivia kidnapped?

What did Huck do to Elizabeth?

Huck Tortures Elizabeth After Olivia Pope has been kidnapped and due to her connection with Andrew Nichols Huck goes to visit Elizabeth at her house – with his tools – and threatens to snap her daughter, Jane North’s, neck if she doesn’t help get Olivia home safely. Huck gave her 24 hours.