Writing a Personal Statement: How to Avoid Widespread Mistakes

The process of applying for university can be stressful since, first, you have to make a decision on a subject you will learn in-depth, and the second – you must be selected among many others who also have chosen this school. Writing an impressive personal statement (sometimes it is also called an “application essay”) can become the toughest part of your college application. However, still the task is not simple, it is realistic.

Write it Right

Well, you might have started writing your personal statement or you might have already finished it. Wait a minute! Before sending it to the university, check with the list below in order to be sure that you have avoided all common mistakes, which students usually make while writing their personal statements.

1. Disregarding rules and requirements.

Usually, schools have some technical rules for papers such as fonts, margins, headings, titles, page numbers and paragraph indentation. However, many students take no notice of them and this can assure a tutor that a student cannot follow established customs and guidelines.

2. Failing to cover the topic.

Since there are three types of personal statements (telling about yourself, providing arguments why you have chosen exactly this college and answering some creative question) be aware that you have covered the topic of the essay and answered the question in full.

3. Too many general phrases and quotes.

Avoid using them too much. If you use quotes in your statement, be sure that at the same time you have also made a reader see your personality, since tutors want to hear you first, not other people. Remember that professors want to read your own ideas and to know your personal feelings and emotions in order to be sure that you are exactly that student their school needs. When you use just general phrases, it is impossible to accomplish this task.

4. Too many facts from the past.

Sure enough, you must tell what you have achieved earlier, but do not stay focused too much on your previous deeds. The commission wants to know who you are right now and what your current experience is.

5. Do not show off, but do not be too shy either.

It is difficult to find a balance while describing yourself, but you have to learn it. Stay simple, but describe your strong points and abilities. Explain how you have managed to become the one you are right now.

6. Not asking for the help of proofreading.

This article is very important because it is really necessary to have your essay read and edited by someone you trust. There can be just one typing error in your personal statement you have not noticed, but it will present you as illiterate. So, ask someone to check your paper and give their opinion.

One More Way to Get the Proper Personal Statement

If you think you will not be able to cope with one more stressful situation, like writing a personal statement, and you are looking for the answer to your question “who can write my personal statement”, you can heave a sigh of relief since there are lots of online companies providing such services on the Internet.

If you apply for help in writing your personal statement, choose a company, which is:

  • trustworthy and reputable (has positive comments and reviews from other users on the correspondent forums);
  • factual (has a real office and communication means);
  • interested in detail what you need;
  • following all the rules of personal statement writing (by the way, you need not an ordinary one, but a stand-out personal statement).

If you are sure you have found such a company described above, feel free to contact them and ask for help in writing your application essay.

Parting Words

Writing a personal statement is not easy and it is not important whether you do it by yourself or apply for help of some writing services. Just note one more thing. If you have your personal statement written by someone other, you cannot send one and the same essay to every school you are applying for. You have to make modification in accordance with the rules of every single school and their requirements. Otherwise, you need to give an advance notice to the company providing you services that you will send it to different schools and they will make the correspondent changes for you. “One size fits all” case does not work in this situation. So keep it in mind and good luck!