Where is the best place to hunt for elk?

Where is the best place to hunt for elk?

10 Best Public Lands for Elk (And How to Hunt Them)

  • New Mexico – Cibola National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest.
  • Idaho – St.
  • Wyoming – Bridger-Teton National Forest.
  • Wyoming – Shoshone National Forest.
  • Arizona – Coconino National Forest.
  • Washington Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness.
  • Utah – Ashley National Forest.

Where is the easiest place to hunt elk?

Colorado is often at the top of the list for beginner elk hunters. The state has more elk than any other, with more than 280,000 animals. Colorado sells either sex and cow-only archery tags over the counter. For rifle hunters, bull tags can be purchased over the counter for the state’s second and third rifle seasons.

How much does a trophy elk hunt cost?

Price distribution Depending on location and trip length, most cow elk hunts are in $1,000-$2,000 range, and a 5-day trophy bull elk hunt will set you back around $5,000 and up.

What percentage of elk hunters are successful?

When you take a look at average success rates for elk hunters, you’ll find around 15% of elk hunters are successful each fall. However, when you neglect draw hunts and look only at OTC, public land, DIY elk hunts, the success rates drop to around 10%.

What US state has the most elk?

Today, Colorado has the largest herd in the United States, about 300,000 animals. Elk in Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming number between 100,000 and 150,000. New Mexico, Utah and Washington have 50,000 to 80,000 elk, and Arizona, Nevada, California and Kentucky have 10,000 to 25,000 elk.

What unit in Colorado has the most elk?

Unit 1 and Unit 201 in the northwest corner of Colorado are known for their fabulous elk hunting. This is undoubtedly the best region in the state for producing giant bulls. This region consistently produces elk in the 330” to 380” B&C class for those who have the preference points to draw.

What state has the largest elk population?

What state has the best trophy elk?

The Top 5 States for Boone & Crockett Elk

  • Utah. While Utah has only cranked out the third most record bulls — 225 typical and non-typical American elk — it’s No.
  • Arizona. If you just went off the total entries, Arizona would take top honors.
  • Wyoming. The fabled state of Wyoming resides at No.
  • Montana.
  • Colorado.

Where is the best elk hunting in Colorado on public land?

Look to the Routt National Forest where you’ll find large elk numbers. The basic movement is from the higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and elevation. With 48 percent of the land available to the public, hunters, over the past few years, have reported about an 18% success rate.

Where is the biggest elk herd in Colorado?

the White River National Forest
According to John Ellenberger, big-game manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the White River National Forest is the state’s elk mecca. “Our largest herd is the White River elk herd, found in the northern half of the White River National Forest–north of Interstate 70,” says Ellenberger.

Where is the largest elk herd in the US?

What is the easiest state to get an elk tag?

Wyoming is the most predictable of the “five year plan” states. Once you accumulate preference points, it is fairly certain that you will be going on a really good elk hunt. In my opinion, Wyoming has the best combination of quality elk, public lands, accessibility to tags and harvest success of any western state.

What state has the cheapest elk hunting?

Idaho has historically been one of the lower-priced states for a NR to hunt elk in, and for the remainder of 2020, it is still just $586 for an archery elk license/tag.

What state has the largest bull elk?

Colorado boasts the largest elk herd in North America, a number that has soared over the 300,000 mark in recent years. That number is probably not sustainable and can produce severe negative impacts on the elk and their habitat.

Who is the best elk hunter?

Danny Moore is one of the most consistently successful elk hunters alive. A self-taught hunter and bugler who hunts on his own, the Montana resident has killed more than 40 bulls in a row and today hunts only Pope & Young Club record book elk.

Where is the highest concentration of elk in Colorado?

Grand County and Middle Park are part of northwest Colorado which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America. This same part of the state also has the largest mule deer population in the United States.

What is the best elk unit in Colorado?

What is the most popular caliber for elk hunting?

30-06 is still an extremely capable elk caliber at reasonable hunting ranges. It has significantly less recoil than most magnum cartridges as well. Indeed, just about any elk outfitter would prefer to have a hunter arrive in camp with a well-worn . 30-06 that he or she can shoot well than a brand new magnum.

What grain of bullet should I use for elk?

The vast majority of elk hunters opt for a scoped, bolt-action centerfire rifle. To legally hunt elk with a rifle in Colorado, you must use a rifle that fires expanding bullets with a minimum caliber of . 24 cal. or 6mm, a minimum weight of 85 grains that delivers at least 1,000 ft. lbs.