What Metro stop is Galeries Lafayette?

What Metro stop is Galeries Lafayette?

What’s the nearest metro station to Galeries Lafayette in Paris? The Opéra station is the nearest one to Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

What is special about Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette has become a symbol of French luxury shopping. As one of the world’s best known department stores, it offers French and international customers a carefully curated edit of affordable and premium brands.

Where is Les Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the flagship store, is located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, near Opera Garnier, at the corner of Rue La Fayette, close to Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette Paris Métro station. It is a 70,000 m2 (750,000 sq ft) fashion flagship store.

How many Galeries Lafayette in France?

Present in the fashion, accessory, beauty, interior decoration, fine foods and catering sectors, the brand is celebrated for its 65 store network in France and abroad, its e-commerce website, and its off-price activity Galeries Lafayette L’Outlet.

Is Galeries Lafayette worth visiting?

This Haussmannian department store is the most well known in all of Paris and is not only an amazing shopping experience in and of itself but is worth a trip for the fact that it’s one of the best Parisian rooftops out there. Have you visited the Galeries Lafayette rooftop and do you think it’s the best view in Paris?

Is Galeries Lafayette a mall?

Home / Galeries Lafayette: the best shopping mall in Paris! Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann welcomes you to enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience in the world’s most fabulous fashion capital.

What arrondissement is Galeries Lafayette?

9th arrondissement of Paris
Radiating across the whole world, the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann department store, created at the end of the 19th century and located on the Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, is a veritable fashion temple and a jewel of French heritage.

Which is the famous Galeries Lafayette?

The flagship Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann store is not just about selling luxury goods. It’s about selling what the chain likes to call “the art of living.” From the beautiful dome and fashion shows to the rooftop views and gourmet restaurants, the Paris Haussmann store is like none other.

Who owns BHV?

the Galeries Lafayette group
In 1991, the BHV is bought by the Galeries Lafayette group. On 2 December 1978, a bombing at the place killed one person and injured 25 others. In 2007-2008, the BHV expands its store with new specialized stores, in the same neighborhood.

Is Galeries Lafayette rooftop free?

Open on a daily basis, weather permitting, the 7th-floor Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace of the flagship store (which is also home to the impressive art nouveau cupola) is free to visit and offers one of the best panoramic views of Paris.

How many Galeries Lafayette are in Paris?

Today the original flagship store is now spread over 3 buildings along Boulevard Haussmann. There are also two other store locations in Paris (one on Champs-Elysées and one in Beaugrenelle) and over 50 Galeries Lafayette locations across France. There are also several international locations of the store.

What does BHV stand for in Paris?

Bazaar de l’Hôtel de Ville
BHV stands for Bazaar de l’Hôtel de Ville, because it is located near the city hall in Paris (Place de l’Hôtel de Ville) in the 4th district. For years, the Marais has been one of the most attractive areas of Paris, with many artists, fashion designers, cafes, art galleries and bars.

How many Galeries Lafayette are there in Paris?

Although there are three Galeries Lafayette stores in Paris, this article just focuses on things to do at the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann store. Some of these things apply to the other stores as well, but many are unique to the large flagship store.

Is Galeries Lafayette free?

Who owns BHV Paris?

Over time, several other BHV department stores are opened in Paris region but most of them are closed nowadays. In 1991, the BHV is bought by the Galeries Lafayette group. On 2 December 1978, a bombing at the place killed one person and injured 25 others.

What do they sell at BHV?

A stylish and trendy spot, with its pop-up stores, exclusive fashion brands, courses in home improvement, and gourmet treats, the BHV never seems to stop reinventing the very concept of retail, as well as the department store itself.

What does BHV stand for?


Acronym Definition
BHV Browser History Viewer
BHV Bovine Herpesvirus
BHV Bedrijfs Hulp Verlening (Dutch: Business Assistance Grant)
BHV Bruxelles Halle Vilvorde (French)