What is the difference between Avet SX and SXJ?

What is the difference between Avet SX and SXJ?

The only difference between the SX and the SXJ is the amount of line you can put on it. I checked Charkbait and they list the drag setup of the SXJ as same as the SX and MX.

What does MC stand for on Avet reels?

Avet MC Reels. Avet Magic Cast Cast Control Reel with Cast Control. The M.C. Cast, or “Magic Cast”, is an adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system using Lenz’s Law to prevent line overrun and “birds’ nests” while casting.

Are Avet reels made in the USA?

Avet Reels are proudly made in the U.S.A. and continue to be the choice for serious off-shore sport fishing and big game tournament anglers for their smooth gearing, ultra consistency, and durability.

What is a glide plate on a conventional reel?

The Glide Plate is the stainless steel plate that the drag lever slides up and down on the handle side of the reel. Having the Glide Plate allows you to make accurate adjustments to the drag.

Who owns Avet reels?

Sarkis and Harry Alajajyan
“Avet Reels,” a U.S. company, owned by two Armenian brothers, Sarkis and Harry Alajajyan, defines that combination.

Are Avet reels sealed?

Avet QUAD T-RX Series Reels Dry Drag for true water resistance. 100% precision machined aluminum. 9 Stainless Steel sealed ball bearings and components.

What does G2 mean on Avet reels?

The G2 is the reel they should’ve started with! I agree somewhat but hind-site is 20/20. One has to remember when Avet first came out with reels braided lines were very new and only used by a few on smaller reels.

How do you clean Avet reels?


  1. Close lever to strike.
  2. Submerge the reel into clean cold fresh water.
  3. Move the reel around for five seconds ONLY in a “churning butter” motion,
  4. Remove the reel from the water, and.
  5. Open the lever to free spool and let it dry out.

Which is better star drag or lever drag?

If you are new to fishing or have never fished a conventional reel before, the question is sure to come up about what is better, a star drag or a lever drag on a conventional reel….In Conclusion.

Best For Star Drag Lever Drag
Value Superior Inferior
Maintenance Superior Inferior

Can you cast with a lever drag reel?

If you can cast a star drag (correctly), you can cast a lever drag. Do some reels cast better than others? Absolutely. But if you learn the right way to do it, it’s the same.

Can you troll with star drag?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trolling with star drag reels. The only thing you lose is the ability to easily get back to a certain drag setting.

How much drag should a reel have?

For best results, the drag setting should be able at the point where the line holds a third to half of its weight before moving (e.g., a 20-pound line should not move until the hook holds seven to ten pounds).

Which is better lever drag or star drag?

How do you set drag for surf fishing?

In general, the drag on a spinning reel should be set between one-quarter and one-third of the lightest rated strength between your line and leader. If you’re using a 10 lb monofilament line with no leader, the drag should be set between 2 and 3 lbs.

How much drag do I need for saltwater?

As a general rule, the proper drag setting for nylon mono lines up to 20-pound test is 20 percent of the breaking strength of the line. For 30- through 50-pound mono, it’s 25 percent of the breaking strength, and for 80- through 130-pound mono, it’s 30 percent. Of course, these are basic guidelines.

What type of reel is best for surf fishing?

7 Best Surf Fishing Reels and Why

  • Penn Battle II Spinning Reel – Best Overall.
  • Daiwa BG8000 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel – Most Affordable.
  • Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel – Overall great reel.
  • Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel – Rugged and Reliable.
  • Quantum Cabo Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel – Premium Reel.

What size reel should I use for surf fishing?

For general purpose surf fishing I recommend a 4000 to 6000 series spinning reel paired with 15# to 25# braided line. A setup in this range will land 90% of the common beach dwelling species you are likely to encounter.

What are conventional reels good for?

Conventional reels are generally used when trolling for large offshore fish including marlin, sailfish, big dorado, wahoo and large tuna. These reels are also a good choice when targeting particularly large freshwater fish such as great northern pike and lake trout.

Are Avet SX reels any good?

The Avet SX series (which includes the SXJ) offers so many features I honestly didn’t know where to begin writing. They clearly stand as a prized possession of countless offshore fishermen, and with very good reason. Product: Avet SX & SXJ Offshore Baitcasting Reels. Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100. Price: Higher Medium range.

What are Avet reels made of?

Each Avet fishing reel is precision-machined in the U.S. using marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel stock. This construction gives their reels an unmatched combination of strength and corrosion resistance with dazzling finishes so you can fish in style, too.

What makes Avet SX different?

I’ll start by listing features common to all SX models, then go on to the available add ons. Avet uses strong marine grade 6061 T6 aluminum for the frame and stainless steel composes the gears. Every part goes through CNC machining for precise construction using the most anti corrosive material available.

How much does a raptor Avet reel drag?

Non Raptor Avet SX reels have a max strike drag of 9 and full drag of 14 pounds. One exception strangely enough is the SX 5.3 G2 which offers 12 pound strike and 20 pound full drag. Raptor dual carbon drags provide 17 pounds of drag at strike setting and 27 pounds pedal to the metal. Avet reels provide workhorse power to begin with.