What is return in Pokemon Platinum?

What is return in Pokémon Platinum?

Return is the highest-damage zero-drawbacks move in the game, at base 102 power at max happiness (second is Earthquake at 100). It’s pretty popular on Normal physical attackers like Snorlax or Staraptor.

How much damage does return do in Pokémon Platinum?

Although not possible under normal gameplay, IQ in range of 1000-9999 makes Return behave like an one-hit knockout move, IQ of 10000 or higher makes it deal only 1 damage, while a negative value has it deal standard 5 damage.

Is return a good move?

While Return is OK on a normal-type Pokémon, it’s not super great on anything else and can be replaced. Purified Pokémon also get IV boosts when powered up. Each stat goes up by two when purified, meaning if you catch a Shadow Pokémon with at least 13 Attack, Defense, and Stamina will turn into an 100% IV Pokémon.

Is return or Frustration stronger?

The power of Frustration varies between 0 (at the maximum friendship value of 255) and 102 (at the minimum friendship value of 0). If the user’s friendship is 128 or more, Return is stronger than Frustration.

Can you get another TM?

You can teach TMs to your Pokemon at any time — but the Pokemon has to be compatible with the TM in question. Unlike HMs, you can only teach a TM to one Pokemon. However, certain TMs can be purchased, so you can get multiple copies of them.

Is return better than double edge?

Return is 102 damage out, Double-Edge is 120 damage out – 30 recoil in for a relative difference of 90. (Body Slam is 85.) vs. Nidoking …

Is return good for tyranitar?

Return gives TTar its highest neutral damage output, but that really doesn’t matter too much. Against anything Dark is SE against, Bite + Crunch is the best.

Do all purified Pokémon have return?

Unlike Frustration, Return can be unlearned at any time with use of a Charged TM. Note: Pokémon will always learn Return when Purified, even if you used a TM to unlearn Frustration while they were Shadow Pokémon.

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Is return good for PvP?

Baiting your opponent into thinking you are using Return is a crucial skill in using any Purified Pokémon in a PvP battle.

Can tm be reused in Pokemon Platinum?

The prices of the purchasable TMs are also much higher to reflect the fact they can be reused. TMs can no longer be held (indicating that they can’t be traded) or sold.

Can you get TMs back?

Unlike HMs, you can only teach a TM to one Pokémon. However, certain TMs can be purchased, so you can get multiple copies of them.

Is return better than Hyper Beam?

Return is fast and deals consistent damage, but is weaker than Hyper Beam in general.

Is return a good move for slaking?

Thanks to its powerful STAB move alongside its coverage moves, there are not many Pokemon in NU that appreciate taking a hit from a Choice Banded Slaking, and with Pursuit, it can even outspeed and checkmate Jynx and Haunter. Return is the STAB move of choice, as it has good Base Power with no drawbacks.

What is Dragonites best Moveset?

Best moveset for Dragonite The best moves for Dragonite are Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Should I use elite fast TM on Tyranitar?

Tyranitar is another Pokemon with a great Elite Move in Pokemon GO. With an Elite Fast TM, Tyranitar learns the move Smack Down. Smack Down is Tyranitar’s best offensive move as it not only has the highest damage output of every other move in its fast slot, but also generates the highest amount of energy every second.

Should I keep Shadow Pokémon or purify?

If you’re attempting to complete research, attain a goal, or some other third oddity in the game, by all means, Purify all your Pokemon. But if you’re seeking the most rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO, or you like Pokemon that WIN in Raids, keep your Shadows!

Is shadow or purified better?

Shadow Pokemon take more damage than their standard or purified counterparts. Their defense is multiplied by 0.8333. Though this may seem negligible depending on the Pokemon, it can also cause more vulnerable battlers into more of a glass cannon than usual.

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Is Frustration better than return?

IMO Return is better than Frustration overall because it’s a lot easier to raise a Pokemon’s happiness from sheer level ups and EV training than it is from decreasing its happiness (on the cartridge) vs just typing in a simple number in PO. This. Movesets should really reflect the cartridge.

Can you replace TM moves?

You need to talk to the Move Deleter in Venesia (after the fifth gym) to forget that move. Dammit! I just finished the 2nd gym and it took 10 game hours! It will take a lifetime to forget that move!

Are TMs reusable in platinum?

TMs are not reusable in the normal sense but you get x99 of them when you obtain them and you can refresh them late in the game, so they *effectively* are reusable.

Can a Pokemon unlearn a TM?

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it is possible at any time outside of battle to have a Pokémon forget moves….Move Deleter.

Move Deleter わすれオヤジ Forgetting Man
The Move Deleter in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Region Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola