What is formula for present perfect continuous tense?

What is formula for present perfect continuous tense?

The present perfect continuous is formed using the construction has/have been + the present participle (root + -ing). I have been reading War and Peace for a month now.

What is tense formula?

Verb Tense. Formula. Example. Present Simple. Subject + Verb (v1) + s/es.

What is the formula of present continuous tense with examples?

Present continuous tense expresses the ongoing action or task of the present. It is also called present progressive tense….Subject + is/am/are + Present participle (-ing) form.

Subject (I) am Present participle(-ing)+…
Subject (He/she/it) is Present participle(-ing)+…
Subject (We/They) are Present participle(-ing)+…

What is the formula past perfect continuous tense?

The past perfect continuous tense (also known as the past perfect progressive tense) shows that an action that started in the past continued up until another time in the past. The past perfect continuous tense is constructed using had been + the verb’s present participle (root + -ing).

What are the 12 formulas of tenses?

Tense Chart: Basic Rules Examples & Formula

Tense Formula
9. Future Perfect Sub + will have + verb(v3) + Obj
10. Present Perfect Continuous Sub + Has/have + been + Verb(+ing) + Obj
11. Past Perfect Continuous Sub + had + been + Verb(+ing) + Obj
12. Future Perfect Continuous Sub + will have been + verb(+ing) + Obj

What is formula of past tense?

The formula for asking a question in the simple past tense is did + [subject] + [root form of verb]. Did Wolfgang win the gold medal or the silver medal? Where did Wolfgang go to celebrate? Did the judges decide fairly, in your opinion?

What is formula of simple present?

Formula of the simple present tense affirmative is, Subject + Base Form(V1)+’s’ or ‘es’ + rest of the sentence. If the subject is he, she or it, there is addition of ‘s’ or ‘es’ with base form. For example, He eats apples daily. If the subject is you, we, they or any plural form, only base form is used.

What is the formula of past perfect continuous interrogative?

जब लड़की चिल्ला रही थी तब मैं तैर नहीं रहा था। For converting these sentences into interrogative sentences the formula is that you add ‘Had’ at the start of the sentence followed by the subject and the rest of the rule remains the same. Had + [subject] + been + verb (1st form) with+ object (optional)?

How many tenses are there formula?

There are three types of tenses past, present, and future that can be further divided into Simple Tense, Continuous Tense, Perfect Tense & Perfect Continuous Tense. What is the formula for the future continuous tense rule? shall/ will + be + verb + ing is the correct formula for future continuous tense rule.

What is the formula of future perfect tense?

The Future Perfect Formula The formula for the future perfect tense is pretty simple: will have + [past participle]. It doesn’t matter if the subject of your sentence is singular or plural. The formula doesn’t change.

What is the formula of past tense?

It is also called a preterite or past indefinite. The simple past tense containing a regular verb in a sentence ends up to “-ed.” And the sentences that contain irregular verb forms, have a variety of endings. The verb form used in this sentence is also called the past simple form of the Verb.

Do DOES did formula?

The base form of the verb is do. The past simple form, did, is the same throughout. The present participle is doing. The past participle is done.

What is past perfect continuous tense formula and examples?

Forming the Past Perfect Continuous Tense (with Tables) The formula for writing the past perfect continuous tense is: had + been + present participle. Examples: We had been walking on the path when a deer crossed in front of us. He had been practicing for months when he finally got the call for the audition.

What is the formula of past perfect continuous affirmative?

Forming the past perfect continuous

Subject +had been +verb + ing
I had been walking
She had been trying

What are the 12 types of tense formula?

12 Types of Tenses with Examples and Formula

  • 1.1: Present Simple Tense.
  • 1.2: Present Continuous (progressive) Tense.
  • 1.3: Present Perfect Tense.
  • 1.4: Present perfect Continuous Tense.
  • 2.1: Past Simple Tense.
  • 2.2: Past Continuous (progressive) Tense.
  • 2.3: Past Perfect Tense.
  • 2.4: Past Perfect Continuous (progressive) Tense.

What is the formula of future continuous tense?

The future continuous tense, sometimes also referred to as the future progressive tense, is a verb tense that indicates that something will occur in the future and continue for an expected length of time. It is formed using the construction will + be + the present participle (the root verb + -ing).

What is simple present tense formula?

What are 5 examples of sentences?

Examples of simple sentences include the following:

  • Joe waited for the train. “Joe” = subject, “waited” = verb.
  • The train was late.
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus.
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station.
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

Is Am are 10 sentence?

Basic Grammar Rules Is am are का प्रयोग सिखाया जाता है। हम Is am are का प्रयोग करके छोटे-छोटे सेंटेंस बनाना सीखते हैं। Basic Grammar का अध्ययन करते समय इनका प्रयोग सीखना चाहिए।…Rules of Is, am and are in Hindi.

Person Singular Plural
First I am We are
Second You are You are
Third He is She is It is They are

What are 5 sentences of present tense?


  • He goes to school every morning.
  • She understands English.
  • It mixes the sand and the water.
  • He tries very hard.
  • She enjoys playing the piano.

Did and do examples?

The present simple tense do and the past simple tense did can be used as an auxiliary verb. As an auxiliary, do is not used with modal verbs. I do not want it. We do not want it….How do you use the verb ‘do’ in English? – Easy Learning Grammar.

I did not want it. We did not want it.
You did not want it. You did not want it.
She did not want it. They did not want it.

How many sentences in present perfect continuous tense?

50 Sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense! If you’re studying English as a second language, you may have come across the present perfect continuous tense. But what is it, and how do you use it?

What is present perfect continuous tens used for?

Present perfect continuous indicates the action we are performing. When using this tens it is linked to the effects seen in the present. This tens is used when we want to highlight the process and how long something has been done.

What is present perfect continuous in business?

Present perfect continuous describes the actions that started in the past and still continue. If a business that started in the past is probably incomplete, this process may still be in progress or this business may have been completed recently.

What is present perfect progressive tense in English grammar?

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (present perfect progressive tense) is used to express the action or task that started in the past and continues in present. travelling. To make the positive sentences, we use this structure, Subject + has/have + been + V1 (+ing) + … He has been playing football for two hours.