What is Cargo site?

What is Cargo site?

Cargo. Cargo is the platform built by artists, for artists. The layouts are often simple grids or single-image pages with a sidebar. To get an account, you need to apply or be referred, but don’t let that stop you. The platform is focused on being portfolio-friendly, with images as centerpieces of the site designs.

Where is cargo collective based?

Los Angeles, California
Cargo Collective is located in Los Angeles, California, United States .

How do you cancel cargo collective?

You can cancel your Cargo 1 upgrade at any time in your site Admin: → Your Subscriptions. Cancel your Cargo 1 Upgrade — Choosing this option will end your Cargo 1 Upgrade and cause your Cargo 1 and 2 Sites to revert back to their respective free versions when the Cargo 1 Upgrade ends.

Can you use cargo for free?

Student Program Cargo offers free use of the platform to select colleges and institutions. The award is a full use offer; there are no limitations.

Is cargo good for portfolio?

Cargocollective was one of the first portfolio systems out there and it’s still great. It’s flexible, modern, easy to use, they have great templates. Some of the features are: Responsive, Customizable Templates, Retina Ready.

Is Cargo Collective still free?

All Cargo sites are free to try or build. To make a site public simply choose a desired service option.

Is Cargo free for students?

How can I use cargo for free?

To get started, visit from an updated version of either Chrome or Safari and click “Get started for Free” (or “Templates” at the top of the page). Cargo is not supported in Firefox as of February 2021. Choose a template for your new site. In the upper right corner, click “Start with this Template.”

Is cargo free for students?

Can you delete a cargo site?

Existing Cargo 1 sites are not affected when you make a site on Cargo 2, and will continue to function normally. Once you launch a Cargo 2 site you can choose to delete your Cargo 1 site, although this is not required.

Can I publish a Cargo site for free?

All Cargo sites are free to try or build. To make a site public simply choose a desired service option. To see what your Cargo site could look like, we suggest taking a look at our Templates and Sites in Use. All Cargo sites come fully equipped with the same toolset and features.

How do cargo sites work?

A Cargo site is made up of a collection of pages. Editing a page works just like composing an email or working on a Google Doc: you edit your content directly inside the page; you can drag & drop image files, as well as add any amount of text, photos, video, or other media.

Is Cargo good for portfolio?

How much does Cargo cost?

Air freight rates generally range from $1.50–$4.50 per kilogram, while the value of air cargo typically exceeds $4.00 per kilogram.