What is a good sizzle index number?

What is a good sizzle index number?

A Sizzle Index of 0.50 indicates current volume at half of its average, and so on. Think of it as an unusual options activity scanner that allows you to follow the money in a given stock and help you troll for potential trading ideas.

What does Aon mean on TD Ameritrade?

When you place orders with TD Ameritrade, keep this market terminology in mind when trading stock, ETFs and option contracts: All-or-none (AON) order – Choosing “AON” indicates that you want your order to be executed in its entirety or not at all. NOTE: AON orders have the lowest priority in the market.

What does GTC mean on TD Ameritrade?

A Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC) order is an order to buy or sell a stock that lasts until the order is completed or canceled. Brokerage firms typically limit the length of time an investor can leave a GTC order open.

What do the 3 ms mean on thinkorswim?

Market Maker Move
On the symbol bar of the thinkorswim® platform from TD Ameritrade, I saw a yellow MMM followed by a +/- number. But it’s not always there. Is this some hocus-pocus magic, or is that how it’s designed? The three Ms stand for the Market Maker Move (MMM) indicator.

What does a high sizzle index mean?

The Sizzle Index feature is essentially a Stock Hacker scan template that returns ten stock symbols with highest Sizzle Index values and, by default, have market capitalization of at least 35 million dollars, volume of at least 100,000 shares, and last price of at least five dollars.

What does AON and Fok mean?

Understanding All Or None (AON) Orders One major drawback is that, since these orders have specifications, they can take longer to execute than normal orders. A fill or kill (FOK) order is one that combines AON and immediate or cancel (IOC). A FOK order is thus an AON order with a very limited duration.

What is AON and Fok on TD Ameritrade?

Fill-or-Kill (FOK) Order Aside from this, the FOK order is like an all-or-nothing (AON) order but with the time limit of an immediate-or-cancel (IOC) order.

What is GTC and GTD order?

Good Till Canceled. Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) Order. Good-Till-Date (GTD) Order. A GTD order will remain in the system until it is either filled or until the date specified, at which time it is automatically cancelled by the system. This is another kind of open order.

How long is a GTC order good for on TD Ameritrade?

A GTC order lasts until it is completed or canceled. You can enter the date you would like your GTC order to be canceled, up to six months from the date the order was placed. Order routing – Orders for the extended-hours trading sessions are routed to a market maker, exchange, or an ECN for execution.

What is the BP effect on thinkorswim?

Explore how much capital an individual position requires on the Position Statement section of the Monitor tab on the thinkorswim platform. The BP effect, or buying power effect, is the impact a position has on an account’s available trading capital, or buying power (Figure 1).

What is a sizzle index?

Sizzle Index is a thinkorswim feature that allows you to find stock symbols that currently see an increase in the number of options traded compared to the last five days’ average.

Is unusual option activity a good thing?

Unusual Options Activity Is Often Hedging Many times when institutions sense volatility on the precipice, whether that’s in the form of an earnings report or upcoming news, they opt to protect some of their downsides by buying options.

How much does unusual option activity cost?

Market Rebellion’s Subscription and Coaching Fees

Service Cost
Enhanced Pro versions of those services $1,995/yr
Unusual Option Activity service $4,995/yr
1-on-1 Trader Coaching $300/hr with discounts over 10 hours
Market Rebels Crypto service $295/yr or $29.95/mo

What is FAK and FOK in stock trading?

A FOK order refers to an order placed at a limit price which will be automatically cancelled in its entirety if it fails to be wholly filled. A FAK order refers to an order placed at a limit price which is filled partially, with the unfilled portion automatically cancelled.

What is difference between FOK order and IOC order?

An immediate-or-cancel order (IOC order) is one which has to be executed immediately and fully, or as fully as possible. Non-executed parts of an IOC order are deleted without entry in the order book. A fill-or-kill order (FOK order) is one which has to be executed and fully or not at all.

What is FAK and FOK?

What is the difference between FOK order and IOC order?

Which is better GTC or GTD?

The GTD order remains active unless executed or canceled. GTC is a Good Till Cancelled order that allows an investor to place a Buy/Sell order that stays active until the price is reached and the order gets executed or until it expires.

What is GFD order?

A day order or good for day order (GFD) (the most common) is a market or limit order that is in force from the time the order is submitted to the end of the day’s trading session. For stock markets, the closing time is defined by the exchange.

What is the difference between GTC and day order?

GTC orders are an alternative to day orders, which expire if unfilled at the end of the trading day. Despite the name, GTC orders do not typically remain active indefinitely. Most brokers set GTC orders to expire 30 to 90 days after investors place them to avoid a long-forgotten order suddenly being filled.

Why is my buying power lower than my cash?

It is NOT your cash balance. A number of things can affect how much buying power you have, but the basic idea is that you might have cash you’ve already set aside for another purchase, you might have the ability to borrow money for trades, or you might have some of your buying power tied up in “Margin Requirements”.

Why do I have a negative margin balance TD Ameritrade?

If your cash balance is negative (in parenthesis), then that means your account is on margin and borrowing money. In the example below, this account is margining $16,991.67 in stock. Accounts on margin are assessed interest daily (including weekends) and are charged monthly (mid-month).

What is unusual option activity?

What are unusual options? Unusual Options Activity involves option contracts being traded at a much higher volume than their daily average. Large volume on option contracts can indicate that someone is making a bet based on transparent or non-transparent catalysts.