What does Fahmidi meaning?

What does Fahmidi meaning?

Fahmidi: “You don’t understand.”

What is Awroussi?

awroussi The wedding ceremony. ayat Sign or miracle, usually referring to verses of the Koran. Ayat-ul-kursi A long verse of the Koran. azan The call to prayer that occurs five times daily.

What does Agha mean in Afghanistan?

Great lord; Nobleman; Commander
Agha Sahib (pg.46)- Agha meaning “Great lord; Nobleman; Commander” and Sahib meaning “Friend, Sir”

What is Kinchini?

kinchini: A derogatory term meaning ‘whore.’

What does Tashakor mean?

Thank you
Thank you. Tashakor . (. تشكر) You’re welcome.

What is Shirini Khori?

For example engagement parties are called “Shirini Khori” which is when the woman’s family accepts the suitor and provides an engagement sweet tray to the grooms family. People will give Shirini to relatives and those close after a wedding too in celebration similar to bonbonnieres.

Who are Shorawi?

The Alliance he refers to is the Northern Alliance, a militia made up of different non-Pashtun ethnic groups. The Northern Alliance was one of the militias that helped to push the Soviets, or Shorawi, out of Kabul and ultimately out of Afghanistan.

What does Jan mean in Afghanistan?

Jan (Persian: جان, pron.: Jaan) is the Persian word for soul. [Pashtun]. It is also a honourable name in afgan(pashto) It is also used as a diminutive suffix attached to names and titles, and in this case it means “[my] dear”.

Why is Rasheed abusive?

Why does Rasheed become abusive? Rasheed becomes abuse because she can’t have children.

Why do Iranian say Merci?

Mersi (مرسی) or Merci You can use the French loan word, Merci – pronounced “mer-see” with a rolled r. It is an informal term which is used commonly within Farsi-speaking communities. As a response, you may hear khahesh mikonam (خواهش می‌کنم) meaning “you’re welcome”.

How do you say my love in Afghan?

The verb “to love” in Dari is دوست داشتن Dost Daashtan. This verb can be used for both male and female the same way without undergoing any changes. The sentence, “I love you” in Dari is دوستت دارم Dostat daaram.

Is nikah a marriage?

A Nikkah, in Islam, is a contract between a Husband and Wife and forms part of one of the stages in an Islamic marriage. The Nikkah will involve the Husband and Wife signing a contract, which will be witnessed by the Wife’s Father or another male family member and a male from the Husband’s family.

What is a LAFZ?

The ceremony “Lafz” (“giving word”) is when the father of the bride formally accepts the proposal and both fathers give small speeches to thank and honor each other.

What is Mehmanis?

entertainment, hospitality, state of being someone’s guest, feast, welcomeness.

Why do the Shahs say June?

After the first name Joon (or jân, as it’s often pronounced), means “soul/spirit/life”, but it’s essentially a Persian word of endearment used after a person’s first name to mean “dear”.

What do the pebbles symbolize in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

The pebbles represent family. When she lined up the pebbles in the first quote, Mariam imagined for herself a perfect life with her family- herself and her siblings. In the second quote, the pebbles are used to depict the destruction of this idea.

How many miscarriages does Mariam have?

Because of his anger over Mariam’s seven miscarriages, Rasheed begins with kicks, slaps and punches. However, he eventually escalates to making her chew pebbles to demonstrate the bad food she cooks.