Is Filia fat Skullgirls?

Is Filia fat Skullgirls?

Since the average fat percentage in a female is around 20% we can say that Filia being the average girl that she is… would be around 22% body fat. This means that Filia is still healthy, sure a little extra body fat, but it’s in the places that count and not say… the belly.

Is Filia good Skullgirls?

She is capable of performing mix-ups that can leave opponents befuddled as Samson shifts into different shapes and sizes. She is also capable of pulling off cancels with her air-dash and Ringlet Psych. Filia is a good rushdown character for beginners.

How old is Valentine from Skullgirls?


Age 27
Birthday December 25
Bloodtype A

Are Fukua and Filia related?

Fukua (JP: フクア) is a physical clone of Filia (with her Parasite Shamone being a clone of Samson) who contains two souls: one who was the strongest at close combat, and another who was the strongest at ranged attacks.

How old is Filia?


Sex Female
Age 16
Birthday March 18
Bloodtype AB
Height 5’4″

How old is Painwheel?


Age 15
Birthday October 23
Bloodtype SG

How old is Cerebella?


Age 18
Birthday April 11
Bloodtype B

How old is Annie in Skullgirls?

Annie and Annie’s Mom were shown in Annie’s story mode. Their clothes look Renaissance era (14th-17th century). Present day Skullgirls universe is like our universe’s 1940s (judging by level of tech and clothing styles). So one could guess Annie could be 500 years old, or more.

What did Filia do to Painwheel?

At the Grand Cathedral, Filia came to Painwheel’s rescue and defeated Valentine and Double, showing that she truly cares for Painwheel’s well-being. Another instance of caring for her is that she wished on the Skullheart to give Painwheel a normal life at the cost of her own.

How tall is Parasoul?


Birthday December 22
Bloodtype A
Height 5’10”

Is Painwheel a girl?

Painwheel (JP: ペインホイール Peinhoīru) was once a sweet, caring school girl named Carol (JP: キャロル Kyaroru) before she was kidnapped and transformed into the monster that she is now by Valentine and Brain Drain.

How old is peacock from Skullgirls?


Age 13
Birthday Nevember 13
Bloodtype B

Is Annie in indivisible?

Well-Known Member. Glad to see Annie make it as a guest character for Indivisible.

How old is Painwheel in skullgirls?

How old is peacock from skullgirls?

Is Carol A Painwheel?

Painwheel, whom’s real name is Carol, is a playable character from the Skullgirls game. Once, she was a normal schoolgirl named Carol, who was kidnapped by Valentine and delivered to the Anti-Skullgirls Labs’ secretive Lab Zero.

How old is Annie in skullgirls?

How many characters are in indivisible?

20 different
Indivisible contains a staggering 20 different incarnations.

Is shantae in indivisible?

Surprise! Indivisible is getting one more crossover character: Shantae from WayForward Technologies! To play with Shantae or any of the other amazing crossover characters, help us fund the game or spread the word!

Can you miss characters in indivisible?

While exploring the world of Indivisible, there are optional Incarnations you can miss. Here’s where to find them. Find this optional hero first in the flying Fortress Vimana, the headquarters of Ravannavar. You’ll find him in the prison area, and freeing him gets him on your team.

Is Shovel Knight in indivisible?

Shovel Knight is the protagonist and titular character of Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games….External Link.

Main Editions Indivisible (Prototype) • Indivisible Backer Preview

Can you grind in indivisible?

Indivisible may be an RPG, but there’s absolutely no reason to grind for experience. It’s a fairly easy game combat-wise, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be under-leveled.

What do the hearts mean in indivisible?

The short answer is that they don’t matter. Hearts denote Ajna’s affinity with that character. The running theme is that Ajna makes the party members stronger and vice-versa as their relationships develop. Higher affinity ratings = higher multipliers on damage and defense.

Do enemies respawn in indivisible?

Enemies seem to respawn, or at least re-stock, in certain sections, and unless you manage to jump across them in the platforming elements, it’s likely that you’ll have to fight them again and again.

Can you grind in Indivisible?