Is a 130 grain .270 good for deer hunting?

Is a 130 grain .270 good for deer hunting?

270 bullets. In general, lightweight 130 grain bullets are great for deer hunting, but hunters who use those lighter bullets on larger game may still experience issues with poor penetration, especially on steeply quartering shots.

How much does a 130 grain drop 270?

Zeroed at 100 yards, a 130-gr. Hornady Spire Point with a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps will drop 3.4 inches at 200 yards, 12.5 inches at 300 yards and 28.5 yards at 400 yards.

How much does a 150-grain 270 drop?

How much does a 270 bullet drop at 400 yards? The 150-grain load—moving at a muzzle velocity of right around 2825 fps—gives a bit more drop with the same zero, dropping 7.5” at 300 and 22” at 400 yards.

What is the best .270 bullet for deer?

Top 5 270 Ammo

  • Remington Core-Lokt Ammunition 270 Winchester 130 Grain Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Box of 20.
  • Hornady Precision Hunter Ammunition 270 Winchester 145 Grain ELD-X Box of 20.
  • Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 270 Winchester 130 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 20.

What is the best load for a .270 win?

Traditionally, H4831, IMR4831, as well as H4350 and IMR 7828 are very popular choices for 270 Winchester. They give great speed, fill the case consistently, and are readily available.

What is the best 270 round for elk?

Best 270 Winchester ammo for Elk

  • Nosler Trophy Grade Ammo 270 Winchester 130 Grain Partition Box of 20.
  • Hornady 8052 Superformance 270 Win 130 Gr GMX 20 Round Box | Green Acres Sporting Goods.
  • Federal P270P Premium 270 Win 130 Gr Nosler Partition (NP) 20 Round Box | Green Acres Sporting Goods.

How many inches does a 270 drop at 500 yards?

270 Winchester ~ 140 Grain ~ Trajectory Chart

Range (Yards) Velocity (Ft/Sec) Bullet Path (inches)
200 2595.4 0.0
300 2389.1 -6.7
400 2192.2 -19.51
500 2004.7 -39.58

How much does a 150 grain 270 bullet drop at 200 yards?

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Range Drop (inches) Velocity
100 0.0004 2777
150 -0.8920 2642
200 -3.0304 2512

What is the most accurate 270 factory ammo?

In any case, if you buy a Savage Axis in 270, look to the Winchester Silver Tips, Federal Fusion, Federal Blue Box, and Hornady Superformance as your top choices for accuracy.

Is 130 grain bullet good for elk?

6mm Remington Accubond or Partition, 130 or 140 grains, I’d shoot the one that your rifle likes and you will kill elk!

How far is .270 accurate?

A 270 rifle is a great choice for hunting game in the mid-sized to large range. It can shoot accurately up to about 500 yards, making it perfect for taking down big game animals like deer or elk.

How does 6.5 Creedmoor compare to 270?

270 Winchester has more velocity and kinetic energy than the . 6.5 Creedmoor out past 500 yards, the advantage possessed by the . 270 narrows from 515 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle to just 189 foot pounds of energy at 500 yards.

What is the effective range of a 270 Winchester?

Federal’s 150-grain Trophy Copper . 308 Win. is travelling at 1,800 fps at 580 yards, but the 130-grain . 270 Win. is still cooking along at 1,800 fps all the way out to 680 yards. That additional 100 yards of effective range is why many long-range western hunters have opted for the .

What is the best load for 270?

Is a 270 more powerful than a 6.5 Creedmoor?

Does a .308 kick more than 270?

Assuming that the rifle weight is consistent between the two cartridges, the 270 Winchester will have less recoil for almost every factory load when compared to the 308. This is primarily due to the heavier bullet weight of the 308. Simply put, lighter bullets recoil less.

Should I buy a 270 or 6.5 Creedmoor?

The . 270 Winchester has a bit more punch for hunting large game in typical hunting ranges, but the 6.5 Creedmoor takes the advantage over longer distances. If you prefer lighter recoil and a lighter gun, the 6.5 Creedmoor is a strong choice as well.